Saturday, April 18, 2020

5 Smart Ways to Make Money with Land

If you already own land, then you have a great way to generate extra revenue. While
selling land can be an effective way of making a profit, you don’t have to dispose of
your land in order to make some money. With these innovative ideas, you can keep
hold of your physical assets and make money at the same time…
1. Host events
Hiring out your land for major events can be a lucrative way to put it to use.
Outdoor events companies, concert promoters and festival organisers are always
looking for viable locations, so you could secure on-going bookings if you make the
right contacts. 
Making your land safe for large-scale gathering may require a little work but it can pay
off in the long-term. What’s more, organisers will often be willing to cover these costs
if they’re eager to leverage your land and location for an event. 
2. Offer storage solutions
The storage industry is highly profitable and is in constant demand, so why not tap into
the market. Using experienced storage centre builders, you can create bespoke storage
facilities for a range of different customers. From consumers looking to store home
goods, businesses who want somewhere to keep extra stock or even farmers who
need extra land for agricultural equipment, there are plenty of people who will pay
a premium sum to access secure storage options.  

3. Provide camping facilities
Depending on your location, you could be perfectly placed to offer camping or caravanning facilities. In tourist locations, camping sites are in high demand, particularly in peak season. As well as making a decent chunk of money, you can choose when to open the land up for public use. Creating a camping site requires relatively few modifications, so almost any land can be a viable site. With a modest investment, you could have your land transformed into a camping haven in time for the next holiday season.
4. Install a stable or paddock
Many people own horses but don’t have enough land to keep them near their homes.
Instead, they rent paddocks and stables to provide a healthy environment for their
animals to live. If you’re able to install these on your land, you’ll be sure to have a
source of income. Owners will often sign long contracts for stabling or yard access,
so it could give you a reliable secondary income for years to come. 
5. Utilise natural resources
Before you decide how to use your land, make sure you examine it properly. If wildflowers or rare species are growing, for example, you may have a great source of revenue already available to you. Similarly, a freshwater spring or a stream full of fish will make it easy for you to leverage your land and increase your cash flow.
Generating Profits as a Landowner
Land is a popular choice of investment because it tends to hold its value and provides a
range of opportunities for generating a regular source of income. Although there are some
obligations that come with being a landowner, it’s one of the best ways to make some
money while having fun at the same time. 

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