Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What's Your Home's Real World Value?

For the average Joe, the best way to make money is not by investing in stocks or

bonds, but instead investing in himself. Well, his home to be quite exact. And it's
really a smart move because properties are large purchases and they almost
always rise in value year-on-year. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in your
own property so that one day in the future, when you decide to sell, you end up
making far more than what you paid? It seems like the natural thing to do. However,
the reasons why most people don’t invest in their homes are quite understandable
too. For one, it's difficult to know what would really add value to the home. Two,
it's difficult to know what kind of modern trends are going to attract a wealthy buyer.
Three, it's going to cost a lot, to begin with. You can of course answer all of these
questions and come out on top, but it's going to be a long journey. Here’s how to
add real-world value to your home.

Get involved locally
Sometimes the most obvious ways your property will gain in value is right underneath your nose. It's not always the home itself but rather the neighborhood. Local schools, shops, entertainment and restaurant all add to the value of your home. This is why it's so important to get involved with all the local issues. Perhaps there’s a new school that’s going to be built in the zone in which you live. It's in your best interest to go to town hall meetings, write to your local authority and ask for
the school to be in your neighborhood. It's all well and good to have gold bath taps and amazing ceramic bath tiles. But what the mass market wants is properties which appeal to families. Families want to put their children into good schools that aren’t too far away from their homes. The morning school run won’t become a chore and it would give parents peace of mind to know the school is a stone’s throw away from their front door.

Modern interior design

Don’t focus too much on decor and interior styles are only valid to a home’s possessions, not the shape and size of the home. Thus, you might need to reconfigure the design of your home and call in a professional construction team like Hansen Living that knows how to modernize homes from the inside and outside. Take a look at their case studies and see how their designs have transformed previously unused spaces to somewhere you would want to hang out and relax. They build custom homes from scratch and combine style with structural knowledge. Their 3-step process is simple. Firstly they’ll consult with you to know what kind of budget you have and the kind of value increase range you’re looking for. They’ll go off and work on potential designs before having another meeting with you to decide and finalize. Then the construction will begin whereby they source the materials, use their own professional teams and utilize the most modern equipment. The final stage will be to update the interior to whatever style you would like.

Build a practical exterior 

It cannot be underestimated how practical elements of the exterior will increase
real-world value. Homes that are without garages are inherently going to be worth
less. Homes that don’t have a strong modern fence will also be deemed less expensive.
Homes that don’t provide a private driveway will also be marked down as a lesser
valued property. Building practical elements such as a garage, driveway, boundary
fence and lit pathway would appeal to every type of buyer. You would please the
average Joe and the wealthy client at the same time. These practical elements
are indeed expensive, but if you keep costs in check and educate yourself on
modern materials and construction standards, you can choose the best building
company for the projects. 

Peace of mind

Even if you live in a great neighborhood, installing a top-notch security system
will automatically increase the real-world value of your property. Install security
cameras and LED lights around the property and sign up for a monthly
subscription with a trusted home security company who will watch over your
home 24/7.

Many people put subjective values onto properties. The way the property looks
in terms of paint scheme, choice of plants and even how clean the property is,
doesn’t add real-world value. Things that appeal to everyone are real-world
value additions. A garage, spacious modern design and great local amenities
will be ticks in everyone’s book.

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