Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How Much Are Your Qualifications Worth?

Making money in this world has a lot of variance to it. There’s hundreds of
thousands of jobs out there in the 21st century, so many more than we would
have seen 50 or 60 years ago, and thus we’re at the forefront of the working
frontier. You can freelance as an artist or a writer, you can study for years to
become a master psychologist, you can busk from time to time on the street
just for a bit of extra cash - it’s up to you.

But, there’s all kinds of wage rules and restrictions out there in the modern day
and age, and often enough it can feel (and this has often been proven to be the
case!) like you’re not being paid enough for what you’re doing. And that makes
all the time and effort you went through to gain your qualifications seem like a
bit of waste of time - when you come to this worrying conclusion, what are you
supposed to do next? Let’s think about what you can do.

Compare Your Wages

Your wages don’t have to be a secret, and you’re allowed to talk about them with
the people you work with, the people in your family, and any friends who are curious
about how you afford your lifestyle. For the work you do, there could be a lot more
money waiting out there on a plate for you, and you won’t know until you ask!

So make sure you inquire into someone else’s wage, offer up knowledge of your
own, and make sure you never come across as sounding jealous about the money
you don’t earn. After all, if someone is doing exactly the same work as you are, and
yet they’re earning a few more cents than you for the same hours, the problem is
not with them!

Ask for a Raise

Once you know what money you’re missing out on, and you know for a fact that
the qualifications you hold are worth a lot more, it’s time to take the issue to your
boss. Make sure you’ve got yourself a case, and a clear figure you want to start
being paid, and sit down with a calm and concise manner about you.

You don’t want to sound demanding - you want to be reasonable yet firm, and make
sure you stick to your guns over what you want. You’re a valuable part of the
company, and you need to be treated accordingly.

Know Your Options

If you don’t get the results you want from negotiations like this, or you get less than
stellar results that barely make a difference, it might be time to look into your other
options. Maybe a new job would be best to move onto here? Even just taking a look
here can be very inspiring over what you can do next, especially if you’re new to the
world of work. Make sure it meets your expectations.

Your qualifications are worth a lot, never forget that fact!

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