Monday, August 20, 2018

Appearing Bigger Than You Are

If you’re starting a business then it can be a difficult balancing act, as on the one hand,
you need to manage costs and be authentic to the position you’re truly in; yet, on the
other hand, there’s often a need to appear ‘bigger than you are’ meaning it’s
necessary to seem more professional and established than a start-up operating out
your bedroom!

Whilst finances play a huge part in this, as most start-ups are at least somewhat
strapped for cash in the early days and need to be
frugal in terms of how they approach their business - it’s also about authenticity, as
you don’t want to have to pretend to be ‘bigger than you are’ in the sense of having
to keep up appearances to the point you end up feeling like a fraud.

There seems to be a happy middle ground, where you can remain true to your start-up
roots and authentically operate as a start-up, whilst having a more professional image
than the equivalent of operating out of your bedroom!

There are a number of reasons you should check out getting a virtual address from
somewhere like; for a start, security - a lot of times
when registering a business it is placed on a searchable register, meaning people
could easily have access to your home address, which is not something you
want from a safety perspective.  

Secondly, having a professional sounding business address gives off a much
better impression than a residential address; it suggests you’re a serious company
with legitimate intentions.  You could go all out and get a really prestigious address,
but then, this can seem pretentious and is often not congruent with where you’re
really at in your business.

You can get a phone answering service for next to nothing, nowadays, where
essentially you will be given a unique business phone number that will be answered
by a real person in the name of your business.  Whilst that person cannot give
much tangible information to the caller in terms of your company, service or
product - they can take messages and act as a basic virtual assistant.  

This way, it not only seems like you have staff, but it also ensures you don’t miss calls,
as your calls will be answered 24/7 - which is particularly important if you’re trading
internationally in different time zones.

Today, the majority of people will be assessing your business on the website you
have, so go the extra mile and invest time in creating a decent website with engaging
copy and beautiful images - this is essentially your shop window, so you want to
ensure it’s designed to a high standard and that it loads quickly with easy navigation.  
This is even more important if you are a digital business, or are offering products
for sale online.

Indeed, there are many ways to monetize a blog, today, making your website
not just a way to appear bigger and better than you are, but also a way to make
some additional revenue.

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