Saturday, July 7, 2018

Indoor Plants Are Good for Mood & Morale

Sure morale of somebody cannot be seen or touched, but you can surely see if someone’s moral is high or low. What are some of the common signs of high and low morale? High morale is shown by your confidence, positive attitude, and discipline towards work. On the other hand, low morale is the opposite of all those things.
In an office setting, it’s really necessary that the employees work with their morale high and their moods positive and cheery. Your employees’ morale shows how your business conducts its operations. That is why it’s so important to have a nice workplace atmosphere.
Now how can you create that kind of atmosphere?
One of the best ways to do that is to place live indoor plants in various corners of your workplace. Research has shown that indoor plants do have a significant impact on employee’s mood and morale. You can easily rely on indoor plants for building confidence and creating a more stimulating and relaxing environment. You can browse through the variety of plants that are excellent choices for the office environment at Here is how plants can help increase morale and happy mood among employees.

1- Plants Reduce Illness

Indoor plants are known for reducing stress, illness, fatigue, and overall physical discomfort. These days, most of the workplaces are poorly ventilated. This causes many problems when it comes to the health of people working in such offices. Plants can overcome these problems and make workplaces healthier. You would experience moist eyes, pleasant moods, and your respiratory illnesses will be in control as well. Thus, when you’re feeling good, it means your morale is high.

2- Plants Build Confidence

Plants do have a very positive effect on people’s physiological health which translates into an improved cognitive function. But that’s not all plants are good for. Plants also have brilliant psychological effects as well which increases confidence in the employees. It’s not always bonuses and increments that make the employees happy and satisfied with their jobs. The environment matters a lot as well. Keeping indoor plants in offices shows the positive regard business owners have for their employees. This results in higher job satisfaction and confidence among employees.

3- Plants Promote Positivity

Indoor plants have a unique ability to increase positivity among people and lighten their moods. That’s why they’re considered so essential for workplaces. Research shows that the bright green colour of plants can actually make employees feel positive about their jobs even. When employees feel positive about their jobs, they tend to be more focused towards their work. This means they have high morale!  
So you see indoor plants not only look nice. They also bring health benefits with them which are important for boosting morale and promoting positive moods among employees.

But there’s one thing to remember. If you want indoor plants to work their magic on your team’s morale as well, then make sure they are alive and healthy. If the plants you keep in your office are dying and unattractive, they will have depressing effects on your team.  

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