Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Do You Feel Stuck in a Rut at Work?

Nobody likes being in a job they don’t enjoy yet we often stay out of convenience,
fear, or sheer laziness.  If you’re stuck in a rut then it’s time to make a change; as
you don’t need to settle for anything less than you desire.  You just have to take
action to create a better life for yourself.

There’s a fable about a man that walks past a dog each morning; the man says
hello to the owner who is an old man sat in a rocking chair, on his front porch, and
notices the dog sat beside him seems to always be moaning in pain.  

One day the man asks the owner, “why does your dog keep moaning”.  

The owner states “it’s because he’s sat on a nail”.  The man responds, “well, why
doesn’t he get off the nail”.  The owner takes a moment then replies “it’s because
the nail is only making him uncomfortable enough to moan and complain - it’s not
hurting him enough to get up and do anything about it!”

This fable feels true for many people that are stuck in a career rut; they are unhappy
but settled in their unhappiness.  They value the certainty, convenience and financial
stability of doing what they’re doing - yet, at the same time, feel their soul draining
from them as they wake up each morning dreading the monotony or aggravation
that work heralds.

Then, there’s those amongst us that are waiting for someone else to rescue us from
our desperate position; like a 4x4 equipped with a Warn Winches & Hoists to dig us
out of the mud we are stuck in, yet in reality, it’s only you that can dig yourself out
and change your life.  If you’re unhappy then it’s time to take action.

Here are two tips on digging yourself out of a career rut without quitting your job.

All too often, we keep our feeling bottled up inside - preferring to keep a stiff upper lip
and not let on about how we’re really feeling; unfortunately, this pressure cooker
style approach to handling your emotions is a temporary fix - because, at some point,
they are going to explode out of you.  

The other mistake people make is they talk to anyone that will listen about their
misery except for the one person, or group of people, that can actually help alleviate
your stress - such as your line manager; for some reason people prefer to bitch
and moan rather than clearly state the problem and request a remedy… yet this
would be the best thing for everyone.  If your employer knows the reason for your
unhappiness and is in the position to do something to resolve or ease the situation,
they normally will.

If you’re feeling overworked, reducing your hours might be the answer to your
problems.  However, reducing your hours might mean you’ll face a pay cut. A more
feasible way to approach this, is to ask for flexible time, meaning you don’t always
have to be in the office from 9-5; on certain days you can work from home and so on.  

This will allow you the sense of space, freedom and autonomy you most likely crave.  
In the alternative, you can change your working hours so that you come in an hour
earlier and leave an hour earlier - meaning you avoid rush hour traffic… as the
hours consumed by working aren’t limited to the time spent at the office.  

In summary, when you’re stuck in a rut, talk to someone that can actually help resolve
the issue, make adjustments, and always keep your options open by keeping an
eye on other opportunities.  Remember, you have the power to change your
circumstances - you don’t have to settle for a life that’s less than you deserve.

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