Monday, April 30, 2018

Boosting Your Income as a Freelancer

Have you ever wanted to improve your income as a freelancer? Perhaps you feel
like you’re not charging enough for your services, or maybe you’re not attracting
clients as often as you’d like. There are plenty of ways to boost your income as a
freelancer, and in this article, we’ll be spilling the beans on five different ways to
do just that.

1. Chase your invoices with some help

Whether it’s using cloud accounting services to help you chase invoices or using
an invoice financing service you help you chase down your money, it’s incredibly
important to look for different ways to ensure that your clients pay on time. You can
look at more information here if you’re interested in invoice financing. In short,
make sure you chase down your invoices zealously; they are your source of income,
after all.

2. Charge more for your services

Sounds obvious, right? Sadly, far too many freelancers undervalue themselves and
believe that they’ll get more customers by simply lowering their prices. This isn’t true
at all. In fact, many people are put off by low prices because they’ll expect you to
provide a low-quality service. If anything, offer more services such as a mid-level
piece of work or a high-end piece of work that takes more time to finish. This
will give your clients more choice to pick from and ultimately help you figure
out a pricing structure that allows you to charge more.

3. Get yourself out there

You might just use a single social media platform right now, but if you actually use
several (such as Twitter and Instagram together) then you can actually get many
more customers. It’s all about spreading your wings and trying to get attention
from a wide audience.

4. Get your credentials

It’s always better to pick a freelancer that has some credentials to their name. For
instance, if you’ve worked with certain figureheads or celebrities before, then you
may want to mention these so that you get a little boost of internet traffic and so
people are willing to pay higher prices for you.

5. Pick a niche instead of a general requirement

Picking a niche usually means that you get fewer customers, but you can also
charge more pay as a result. Niches can be difficult to find, but it’s all about figuring
out what your equipment and skills of choice can do. For instance, if you’re
currently a writer, then you could specialize in writing for people’s blogs or product
reviews to show something off.

There are many more ways to boost your income as a freelancer, but we believe
that these five tips are the most straightforward and general tips that we can offer.
They’ll apply to most freelancers in the world and they’re virtually guaranteed to
help you make more money as a freelancer. They won’t instantly make you rich,
but they’ll certainly give you more money to work with every time you get paid.

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