Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Smooth Business Processes

Do you run your business like a smooth criminal as Michael Jackson would say?
Chances are there are probably a few things that you could do to try and improve
things a little. It’s always the way with business. New processes can always be used
to try and speed things up a little, and in turn, make things a lot smoother for you.
Smoother processes usually mean you can save money as well as the personal time
you can invest into your business. So, we’ve got a few smooth business processes
that we think you should implement in different areas, have a read on to find out more.


There’s nothing smooth about finances, in fact, they can actually be the bane of your
life when it comes to running a business. There’s just so many different areas of your
finances to manage. From taxes, to payments to employees, to customer contracts. All
of this seems to pile up on top of each other until the task feels unmanageable. So, one
way of making the whole process easier is by using a flexible cashflow finance solution.
One way in which this can help is with your customer invoicing system. If done inhouse,
it can actually take up a lot of time to sort. Half of the time you’ll find yourself chasing
payments which can be a logistical nightmare. A cash flow solution will manage the
invoices for you, and they’ll do all the chasing of the money. Another thing you might
benefit from doing is hiring an inhouse accountant. Someone who can stay on top of all
you banking needs during the day so you’re not left with a big pile of numbers to sort at
the end of the month. It might mean paying an extra wage, but the time you save will
be more than worth it.

Employee Management

Just like with your finances, your employees can be hard to get a grip on. There are so
many things you’ll need to do in this department to ensure your company is running
smoothly, one of the main is shift rotations. For companies that don’t just work the standard
9-5 a day, creating shift rotas every week is a nightmare. There will only be certain
people that can work certain times of the day, and there will always be conflicts arising.
So, one thing we recommend you do is use a software that plans it all out for you. All you have to do is insert who can work what hours, and it’ll create a shift pattern weekly, or monthly, depending on what you need. The time you save will be invaluable.  

Production Processes

Again, software is going to be your best friend here. There is plenty of tracking software
that will save you tons of times in terms of the logistics of the production process. It will
allow you to track what products have been designed, shipped, returned, whatever you
might have to deal with. Keeping it documented through a software is much easier
than trying to track it all by paper, just make sure you’re saving backups of all the data.

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