Friday, March 30, 2018

Get Your Auto Haulage Business On The Highway

It’s too easy to say, “start a haulage business,” but it’s too vague. It doesn't mean
much. It doesn’t offer enough in the way of advice or guidance. Instead, what you
should know is, most successful startups found their niche and grew from there,
which is exactly why we’re focusing on a niche, auto transport, and a big reason for
this is the demand.

Consumers, car dealers, corporations, the rich and famous - there are so many
potential clients out there that rely hauling vehicles long distances and they want a
solution that will save time, money and wear and tear to their shipments and, with
technologies making the auto transport arena even more energy-efficient, it’s become
ever more popular.

Why are we telling you this? Simple. Where there is a demand, there is profit to be
enjoyed. All you need to do is get your haulage business off on the right foot.

1. It Starts With Your CDL
Before you do anything, you need to add a CDL (Commercial Drivers Licence) to
your wallet. Not just because it will make you more trusted and professional, but
because it’s required by law, not to mention drastically reduce your insurance
premiums. So, yeah, grab that CDL and as much experience as you can and
then, voila, take to the roads.

2. What Equipment Is Essential
The next step toward success-ville is your equipment. You want to know exactly
what sort of truck-slash-trailer you’ll need and where you can get the best price.
Our advice: head to and speak to the professionals
there. The two things they’ll want to know is what your budget is and what route you
plan on driving. The latter is of utmost importance because a longer carrier is better
suited for long distances, while a 3-4 car carrier could be enough for those staying

3. Insurance Is Imperative
One of the biggest overheads you’ll be faced with is your insurance premium, which
is why it’s so important you shop around for quotes within your truck and trailer
category. The big factors that will be used to determine the prices you get will depend
on the combination you drive, how long you’ve held your CDL, your experience and
driving history. As such, it may be worth getting quotes before you venture too far
down this path so that you’re sure you can pay for the insurance.

4. Legal Requirements
Yup. Before you can make money, you need to get your legal ducks in a row.
Depending on where you operate, this could include things like incorporating your
business, our inspection sheet, your MC and DOT numbers, getting your IFTA,
UCR registrations and any other state requirements.

5. The Only Way To Start
There is only one way to get into business at the beginning, and that is through
load boards. Now, you’ll find there are plenty to choose from, but we recommend
you sign up to The reason this is your only option is it’s the best
way of getting access to brokers, carriers and dealers, and the most promising
route for regular business… to start with anyway.

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