Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Make Money In Your Sleep

Need to earn some extra money this year but have no idea where to start? There are
plenty of ways that you can make what is called passive income, meaning that you
are making money even when you aren’t doing anything at all. If you like the idea
of making money in your sleep, here are some ways to do it.

1. Automate marketing

Rather than manually sending out newsletters and social promotions, you can spend
some time scheduling them all at once and then you won’t have to think about it
when they go out, you can be attracting customers to your site and making money
while you are asleep.

2. Promote yourself as a brand

You may have noticed the rise of bloggers and online influencers in the last few years,
and in fact many of these people are known as a modern celebrity. You can make
money by promotion yourself and creating ad revenue from blog posts and videos
online. You could be earning money all throughout the day when people see your

3. Simplify your business

Rather than offering a never-ending list of products and services on your website,
make things simple for yourself and offer a few great quality items. This will not only
make your operations in the business much less stressful but it means that you can
save a huge amount of time on production.

4. Sell at a flat rate

It can get really confusing when companies start to offer product at a range of different
prices, and this is why you should sell everything at one rate to make your life easier.
You will find that people are attracted to your site nevaise of this and buy lots of items
from you.

5. Sell or invest in an essential product

If you can put your money into something which will always be needed, you can save
a lot of money and also make sure that you never go out of business. For example
you could use Fundrise to invest in property, which is one of the basic needs for us to
live, or even think about trading food which people will always need and want.

6. Become an affiliate

One of the great things about the internet in this day and age is the ability for people
to spread their message to those all over the world and also for brands to promote
products worldwide. If you use your blog or personal brand to team up with companies,
you will be paid for advertising their products to your audience and you may even be
able to receive free products as part of the deal.

7. Teach

Do you have a skill which could be utilised by other people? If you can create an eBook
or and online course for people to use, you will be able to make money without even
being there all of the time to teach them. Online courses are becoming more and more
popular so it is worth taking advantage of this.

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