Saturday, December 2, 2017

Love At First Sight: Top Tips For Turning Your Property Into A Heart Breaker

There are all sorts of tips and tricks about how to sell a home. And, each guide refers to appearance at some stage. The way a property looks is hugely important. If you want to seal a sale, it’s essential you think about how your property looks. If it doesn’t have the wow factor, it’s down to you to consider why. After all, the majority of house hunters search for that gut feeling above all. And, you don’t get gut feelings with a mediocre appearance.

Your first step is, of course, to ensure the pictures look good. This is the first idea buyers will gain of how property looks inside. While not the be all and end all, bad pictures could stop many from even viewing the house. So, think carefully about how you stage these. Then, set about ensuring your viewings leave clients head over heels for your investment. Here are a few ways to cast that love spell, and ensure you fulfill your property’s potential.

Make it feel like home

One of the first things you should consider is how much like a home your property appears. Though we try to look past things such as decor during viewings, they have more of an impact than you’d think. Empty properties rarely cast a spell on those viewing. Equally, properties with dated or terrible decor don’t tend to go down well. Sure, these things can change. But not all potential buyers have the vision to see how. Which is why you should think about setting up your property for viewings. You could get a house which is already perfect for this by looking into display homes for sale. These properties were designed to look good, so they’re sure to seal the deal. Or, you could spend a little time kitting out the house in a style you think would suit many people. It’s difficult to go wrong with neutral colors and pretty furniture.

Let light in

Few people fall in love with dingy houses. Especially in the modern age, home buyers look for bright and airy spaces. The good news for you is that it’s possible to make even dark houses light up for viewings. Rule number one is that you should never arrange a viewing at night time. This just isn’t the best way to make your house shine. Even during daytime viewings, leave lights on, and make sure to open all curtains around the house. The more light you can create, the better chance you have of selling.

Keep it clean

Much like decor, the current cleanliness of a property has little impact on its actual condition. But, dirty properties don’t sell. There’s a good reason most homeowners scour and scrub the whole house when trying to sell. You should do the same. A pristine property just has more chance of sticking in someone’s mind. Don’t put obstacles in the way of love. Get rid of every speck and imperfection. Then, let your property do the talking.

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