Friday, October 6, 2017

Subtle Attitudes Which Can Impede Financial Security

Planning your financial behavior is not always easy. It seems there are always plenty of things just waiting to scupper your savings and demand you pay out towards costs you weren’t originally expecting. Over time, if you don’t keep the correct money attitudes, these can really prevent you from keeping a positive and generative cash saving, or work towards a financial goal you have set out.

To deal with these issues, you want to make sure that your lesser known behaviors aren’t impeding your sound financial sense. In the effort to enjoy a social life, improve the comfort of your home and maybe even raise a family, you really can’t afford to keep the following attitudes regarding your finances. This article will serve as a forewarning, and hopefully if you can identify yourself in some of these headings, you know where the work should lie. We’d also recommend that you find some form of solid financial advice services, such as a womens wealth community which gives you practical solutions to reach your saving and investment goals in an appropriate time.

Without further ado:

Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Some people can’t help but live paycheck to paycheck in order to pay rent and all of the costs associated with living well. However, if your bank account is regularly hitting zero, it’s important to reflect on what is making this happen. Is there no way you can’t be a little more frugal each month? Instead of getting taxi’s or the bus pass to work, could cycling there be more reasonable? Instead of heading out every weekend, could lessening your drinking budget help you save more money, and on the whole feel healthier?

If you can, save 10% of your paycheck each time. Wanton spending will only make you used to treating yourself. The funny part about this is that treating yourself often takes away the importance and value of each treat in your mind. Could you do without that pumpkin latte twice a week, and purchase some home filter coffee? There are always ways to save money, and so exercising a little restraint (hard to do,) can work wonders for you as time passes.

Social Spending

We all know that it’s harder to save and be more frugal when out with friends, or trying to emulate an experience with them. A day out with your friends which suddenly turns into a cinema trip and a meal out, then on to drinks can be an unexpected investment hard to back away from, even if that morning you had been painstakingly figuring out your new budget.

Clearly and concisely explain to your friends that you are saving money, and politely refuse and remind them of your current frugal period if they try to suggest extended activities. If they’re your friends, they should understand well. Also, if you can, avoid accepting their offer to pay for you now. Developing debts between friends can be a sticky business, and it puts the whole friendship on an odd footing.

Watch out for both of these issues, and you’re sure to be a little more wise about your financial growth over the next few years. These tips can be very helpful if you’re still in your youth, so try and exercise some wisdom here, and you’ll develop into a smart person regarding finances in no time.

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