Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prosperous Investors Avoid These Mistakes

A financially safe and prosperous future is what most of us want when we look forward to retirement, and many folks use investing as a way to get there. However, when making investments, there are no solid guarantees that you will come out with more money than you put in. That is why you need to educate yourself on the possible risks and how best to avoid them. So read on to find out more on this subject.

Not knowing your market

Most people think that investing is solely concerned with the stock market, but this isn't the case. There are in fact, many different areas that you can put your money into including stocks, shares, bonds, art, and property.

The key to success in any of these areas is that you know the market well, and understanding exactly what you are buying, and how this is likely to perform in the near future. That means you have to use the resources that are available to you to become as knowledgeable as possible.


Start with some basic knowledge about the market you are interested in, something you can find in books or online. Then use blogs and websites that are tailored to your specialist area to advance your knowledge. Such as articles like 5 Tips for Investing in Property, where you can find out how to choose the right investment, or 5 top tips for buying artwork from emerging artists, where you can find out that art investment isn't all about price. Then when you feel you have a good grasp of the basics you can approach some specialists that deal in these areas and see what they have to bring to the conversion.


Over-trusting the specialists

However, just because they are professional in the area, it doesn't mean that they have all of the answers. In fact over-reliance on gurus or experts can be damaging in investing because it is often not their own money on the line. That means if they get it wrong they get, egg on their face, while you lose your life savings! So, if you think the advice they are peddling is suspect trust your gut and choose another investing path.

Make it emotional

Another major problem with investing is the emotional aspect. We, humans, are emotional beings and so can bring feeling into anything we do, and investing is no exception to this. We can fall in love with a piece of art that is meant to be an investment or get addicted to the high when ours shares go up. The problem is that it can become too much like gambling if we get emotional, meaning that we make bad decisions because we are trying to recover the money we have lost, instead of just clocking it up to experience and waiting for the next right opportunity to come along.


This can be massively problematic because it creates a cycle of bad investment choices that can increase our losses instead of our gains. So whenever possible try and remember that investing is just business, and it's perfectly acceptable to take some time out before you make your next investment after a loss.

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