Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thrifty Tips from People Who Actually Enjoy Saving Money

When you love to spend money, it can be extremely tough to make the dollars stay put in your bank account. Like children, they seem to learn how to run while you’re not even looking, and before you know it, they’ve all gone somewhere - and you’re left with a bunch of odd purchases.

You don’t even have to be this careless to realize how tricky budgeting actually is; those who manage to pull it off seem to have an inborn sense of frugality in them, navigating their month-to-month finances with ease, and even saving money at the same time.
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Here is a handful of advice from budgeteers who actually enjoy living for less, and they’ll show you the road to the joyful sight of a fat piggy bank as well.

Get cooking

While you probably know that there’s little sense to constantly buying lunch or eating dinner out, you probably haven’t thought of the other ways an active kitchen can help you out. Now that #winteriscoming, you’ll benefit from the extra heat a nice and warm oven provides you with, making you less likely to crank up the heat - and you even get to enjoy the food you’ve cooked afterward.

But hold on a moment, won’t this just increase my electricity bill as well, seeing that I need to use it in order to cook? Not if you’re a money-savvy chef who knows how to cook in bulk. Get some more tips here on how to enjoy cooking without having to eat your budget at the end of the month.

Carpool and public transport

To live with others is a sure way to save a lot on your monthly rental expenses, but you can also save a fortune by ditching the car altogether if you live in the city. Make use of the public transport, team up with your colleagues for carpooling arrangements, and choose to walk whenever it’s possible.

The best way to save money on transportation is really to live as close as possible to work and amenities. If you’re planning on moving house anytime soon, you should seriously consider one of the newer apartments in the city; they may be a bit pricey, but you’ll live so close to everything that you’ll save money in the long run.

New apartments are often a lot more energy efficient, as well, so prepare to save quite a lot if you’re moving from a dated home.

Repair or replace?

The ones who are senselessly thrifty tend to repair everything rather than replacing it; while those who splurge may choose to replace everything rather than repairing it. The odd thing is that both options can be smart - you just need to know when a replacement or repair is needed.

You may be better off selling a car that constantly breaks down, for example, rather than returning to the mechanic yet again. And it’s sometimes a lot smarter to patch up that leather couch rather than replacing it as quality leather will look good no matter how old it is.

Find the right balance between spending and saving, and you’ll quickly find that saving money doesn’t have to be painful at all; it can actually make a lot of sense and give you a feeling of being in control.

Take advantage of the tips above and, before you know it, you’ll love to save money as well.

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