Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Spotting The Future: Properties That Lure The Aspirational Class

Experts were warning of doom and gloom after the 2007/8 economic crash, but they could not have been more wrong. The affluent middle class has not been deterred by those events and quite cheerfully, carried on living their lives who they want to. More and more people around the world, from all manner of cultures and different walks of life, are setting their sights high and want to be part of the aspirational movement. Property investment is humongous market which anyone can essentially partake in because there’s never an oversupply of investors. The trends of the property market are much more impactful than perhaps any other business industry. By default, large sums of money have to flow, and each purchase of building project is worth more per transaction compared to other products and services. But where and what should potential real estate investors pool their resources to get hefty returns?

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Stylish apartments

The world is more connected than ever, with airports and ships making the world smaller and smaller. The middle class wants luxury and exuberance when it comes to their holiday apartments. Sure they may have settled for something less, but that was a decade ago. Now the trend signifies a change in mood as holiday apartments allow anyone to live a life of opulence and escape the mundanity of normal work life. They want to sip champagne on the balcony while having dinner under the stars and enjoy the sights of the skyline on display. They want to pampered and treated like royalty while living in an atmosphere splendidly alien to their own. Such investment property would reward anyone an eye for consumer trends with glorious returns. It doesn’t look like this kind of holidaying and standard of luxury will be going away anytime soon, and in fact, quite the opposite.

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Middle-class lettings

Young professionals are not like their parents, but it’s not because they don’t want to be. With the population of the world growing beyond 7 billion people, the demand far exceeds the supply in the housing market. Millennials intent on starting a family, are dismayed by the fact that housing prices have gone up far beyond anything their parents had to pay in their era. So, now these families are turning toward houses and apartments that give them the space they need without the burden of outright buying. They would rather rent and happily pay healthy renting fees to live in a property similar to their aspirations than settle for something smaller. Those looking to seize the opportunity should invest in buy to let properties, especially around the outskirts of large cities. Millennial parents want to keep working while also bringing up their children; thus the suburban life isn’t too far from their jobs in the city, yet provides a degree of privacy and space.

The middle class is steadily upgrading to the lifestyle of the upper-middle class. But, because the size of the shift is so incredibly large, property trends are more valid than any other industry. Young families may not be able to buy the homes they want just yet, but the majority are willing to pay a little extra to live a lifestyle they want in the meantime. Holidaymakers are much the same, with many choosing to live for now and not be so frugal.

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