Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Appealing To The Only Real Estate Buyers Ready For Change

What we’re witnessing around the Western world is a shift in the age gap culture. Just a few short years ago, the image youngsters were being told to aspire to, what to own their own home of bricks, wood, and concrete. And yet, that just simply has not materialized yet, and perhaps it simply won’t for many more years. The Millennial generation wants to live in affordable homes, that offer something new and something that signifies a change in the way we live. Tapping into this new market is mouthwatering because the design of the home can be adventurous, while not being as large as a traditional home. And yet, a modern contemporary home will fetch a higher price than the average small family home, while being virtually the same size per square-foot. So what should be looking to build and what kind of styles could you incorporate?

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Contemporary shape and size

Tradition says you should invest or build in the normal home which is four walls making a large square. If you look at the styles of homes being made in the capital cities, you’ll see shipping containers and abstract rectangle homes are being snapped up pretty darn sharpish by young professionals. It’s far from far-fetched to look at metal building homes prices because it falls into the category of chic and spacious enough to be a comfortable living space. Investing in such as a lucrative opportunity because you can choose the amount of space you want, building or choosing many different sizes of homes. These homes can be constructed on almost any flat land because the sites are prepared with less intensity than a large brick-built home. Both huts and homes compliment the range of designs you can invest in.

The urban apartment

The parents of the young generation cared about their view right outside their home. However, their children are of a different mindset, because they don’t necessarily mind the immediate surroundings of their homes as much. The world is far better connected than a couple of decades ago. Communication and video calls are done by handheld devices, and public transport has evolved to be more reliable and easier to access. Millennials don’t care if they have a garden or not, they just want a cool and comfortable living area. You can invest in newly-made urban apartments, which offer young professionals the ability to live close to their work. These high-rise apartment buildings are luring in singles and families alike because they have modern decor, as well as interconnected technology for home appliances, making life easier.

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The renovated house share

Some young professionals want to move from the apartment scene to the shared house environment. This kind of person has made the shared house real estate market competitive among family homes. Rather than old homes going to waste, they should be renovated and each floor furnished in such as way that it becomes a studio apartment. With a kitchen area and separate shower room, you could make a healthy profit in the buy-to-let business. This kind of property is extremely popular with professionals who are near or just over their 30s and want a bit of peace and quiet along with a decreased number of other tenants above, below and beside them.

The older generation are set in their ways and don’t like to move home's once they feel in. The younger generation is more than willing to live in obscure properties with modern urban designs. There’s a lot of profit to be made in the real estate market thanks to the cultural contrasts of the millennial generation.

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