Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stop Buying Stuff - Go On a Trip Instead

Whether it’s a gift for birthdays or anniversaries or a random pick-me-up, we like to buy and receive new possessions. There’s certainly a place for new gadgets, Blu-Rays, decorative items, books, headphones, televisions, etc etc etc… but how much happier does all of this stuff really make you in the long-term?

If you want to treat yourself or someone else to something much more meaningful, then a trip may be much more rewarding. Here are the reasons why you should consider this option over a material gift.

It will make you happier in the long run

It’s not possessions that make people happy. Part of the problem here is that there’s always something else to want. There’s always a more desirable amount of money to have. While possessions give you brief satisfaction, the vast majority of them will wear out their use. Great memories that are developed in travel, however, are much more likely to stay with you throughout your life, making you happier and deepening your appreciation of the world. The New York Times has an article relating to an in-depth study that was carried out on this topic, and the study data really does back up the assertion that travel makes you happier in the long-term than possessions do.

There are more options for breaks than ever

Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to do it, you’ll probably have no trouble finding a good deal. It doesn’t really matter what sort of trip you take. Whether it’s a relaxing, idyllic weekend getaway at The Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham or a blood-pumping surfing break in California, anything that gets you out there and creating new memories is going to be worth it. This doesn’t mean you should rush any decisions, though! Do your research thoroughly and you should be able to find great deals on accommodation, transport, and activities.

It helps you defeat stress

Stress is more dangerous than you might think. It affects your blood pressure and causes the release of dangerous hormones in your body. Making sure you take the time to relax and nurture a positive mindset is extremely important. Thankfully, there are few things more effective at this than travel! While it can introduce its own sort of stress, the time you spend away from home and forgetting about your responsibilities is definitely great for defeating long-term stress. You might think that a new possession will help you defeat long-term stress, but it’s really very unlikely that it will be anywhere near as effective.

You don’t need more stuff, anyway

Seriously, do you? Most homes seem to be cluttered with stuff we don’t really need. We often buy things that give us fleeting satisfaction but just end up gathering dust. That, or we buy something to replace another item that didn’t really need replacing. You just end up with far too many possessions, which can become a real stress when it comes to moving house. It can also make you feel a little trapped and claustrophobic. Instead of buying some gadget, put that money towards a trip. You’ll appreciate it more!

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