Friday, July 7, 2017

Country vs City Where Do Your Kids Want To Live?

When you are looking for your next family home, there are a few important decisions that need to be made. Obviously, your priority is getting the right home for the right price. You also have to choose between an urban and a rural location. You will not be the only one with an opinion on this. If you have kids, they may have a few things to say about it themselves!
Think about the age of your kids. A five-year-old boy has very different priorities to a 17-year-old girl! Also, remember that kids grow up and leave home and you will be left there. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Have a sit-down and think about how your family functions on a day to day basis. What is your lifestyle and what lifestyle do you aspire to?
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City living offers convenience with some pitfalls

There are both opportunities and limitations to raising kids in the city. Their freedom is limited by safety concerns. Thousands of road traffic accidents are reported every month involving children on foot or on bikes.
The quality of the air that they breath will be poorer and this can be a problem for child health. You may be especially concerned if your child suffers from a respiratory condition.
On the plus side, they will never be bored. There will be more classes and activities available than you will be able to cope with, or afford! You need to narrow down their options and limit their choices. If you have the next ice-skating or basketball champion on your hands, at least you know that they will be discovered!
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Life as a country family

Kids do well both physically and mentally when they get a lot of exercise and fresh air so searching for lake homes for sale is a good option. You can even try out one of the Discovery Packages where you get the chance to try out the amenities, lifestyle, and local culture. This is a big decision and you want to get it right!
Kids can explore nature’s playground. You can play games with them in the forests when they want to go exploring. They will learn all about the natural world and there will be fewer technological distractions so that they can let their imagination roam free! You can spend together as a family and learn to appreciate the little things in life.
The bad news is that older kids and teens may view this as a bad thing. They will have to travel a bit further to get to music gigs and to see the top films and shows. They may struggle to get around if public transport is limited which means that you become a taxi. The choice of schools may be more limited and there may be a smaller community for you to rely on.

So, will you choose country or city? It may be worth you sitting down and having a long talk with your kids about which they would prefer.

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