Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 Things That Make A Desirable Neighborhood

The golden rule of moving into a new home is to remember that it isn’t just a house you are buying into, it is a neighbourhood too. It doesn’t matter if you are investing in buy-to-let property, or looking to move home because you want you’ve decided your kids should grow up somewhere different; the neighbourhood you choose is going to have an almighty impact.

We’re saying this because, well, all neighbourhoods are different. They all have different qualities and different weaknesses and no two are ever the same. As such, you may want to hold off calling the local moving services until you have found the one that is the right match for you. Your needs and your wants. Like we said, all neighbourhoods are different, it is how they fit with you that decides which is perfect.

Match Your Lifestyle
We all want different things at different times, and these will likely change over the years. As such, always by with your current lifestyle in mind, and factor in your future plans. If you are a small family, let’s say, then living in an apartment in a trendy downtown neighbourhood may not be ideal in the same way a young professional may not enjoy the suburbs as much, good schools or not.

Pride From The Kerb
It is one of the few things all amazing neighbourhoods have in common; pride. You’ll be able to notice it from the moment you cross the threshold. Homes are beautifully maintained, gardens are looked after, streets are clean and there is a collective attempt to keep making the neighbourhood better. That sense of community and pride is what makes a neighbourhood special.

Perfect Public Transport
One of the things that transcend demographics and improves a neighbourhood for all is easy access to public transport. It is just a fantastic plus because it allows another option, a greener option, maybe even a cheaper option too. It doesn’t matter whether you are a retired soldier or a Millennial banker or a mother of three; having access to good public transport is always considered desirable.

Are You Not Entertained?
Whatever you are into, having some form of entertainment nearby is such an attractive bonus. It could be a few restaurants, shops and markets that take your fancy and let you feel like you’re part of the hustle and bustle. It could that you fancy a bit of nightlife to keep you engaged; a theatre, some nightclubs, a few bars, that sort of thing. Whatever you are interested in, having a few hotspots nearby is something almost everyone wants because it gives them options and makes their investment that much safer.

Marvellous Medical Care
No matter who you are or what your circumstance, having access to great medical facilities is a big bonus. You could be a pensioner or the parents of a small child or anything in between, having that safeguard will help you sleep better. Hospitals, doctors, dentists; anything of that ilk will add to your quality of life, and that is what a good neighbourhood does.

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