Wednesday, June 14, 2017

4 Investments With Massive Profit Potential You've Always Ignored

It seems to be increasingly hard to find investment advice that steps outside the comfort zones of traditional methods of diversifying. Of course you can make your millions by investing in stocks but, as we have seen in recent years, it is absolutely worth considering what financial institutions would call creative options as well. This is because there are so many promising investment opportunities for you to sink your money into that you’ve never considered or even heard of. Okay, so some of them may require a smidgen more legwork than your normal stocks, shares and bonds options, but in return, you could be looking at vastly increased returns, not to mention a little more excitement than you are used to.
Delve Into Collectibles
If you are looking for a fun investment with the potential of fantastic and almost disbelieving gains, then look no further than collectibles. We all have some sort of niche - dare we say fetish - that peaks our interest and this could be the secret to helping you find that golden ticket. Yes, it is more subjective than stocks and shares and bonds, but it is also tangible, and that means this investment can become a wonderful trading option should the market dip again. What’s more, your choice is almost endless. There are classic cars, art, wines, stamps, coins and antique furniture to name but a few of your options. There aren’t many investment opportunities that allow you to make a hobby out of your money.
Hop On The Health Care Trend
Since Trump took office, healthcare stocks have somewhat lagged, which provides investors with a seriously interesting opportunity to maximize their gains this year. According to Chris Pivik, the two major proponents seem to be prime for investors; the underlying fundamentals are attractive and the time is right to initiate a great position. You see, when comparing the future of the healthcare sector to the broader market, the long-term fundamentals look so much more favorable, not least because this sector has superior earnings per share growth. So if you want to stick to the traditional investment options, well, it could be time to explore the healthcare sector a little bit more.
Technology Is Still Surging
In case you have been absent from world news for the past decade, technology startups have been a source of significant fortunes, and not just in Silicon Valley either. Israel, New York, Seattle, London; all of these have seen a myriad of amazing companies start changing the world, and all of these startups require one thing; funding. Let’s take Israel as an example, with Waze, Trusteer, and Viber being acquired by big names for a collective total of $2.9billion. Yes, the risks are slightly higher when investing in a startup, but if you go with those companies that truly excite you, that you believe had a future and by diversifying your portfolio, you could see amazing returns.
Crowdfunding Has Gone Boom

Crowdfunding is nothing new, but the different models that are popping up are, and these are the ones you should be looking at with potential to invest. The most popular model at the model is where platforms provide their members with access to a diverse portfolio of startup companies, with a risk versus reward factor attached. The big name out there at the moment is OurCrowd’s which is an equity-based platform and well worth any investor to, you know, investigate a little more.

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