Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wine and Travel - how to get both at a discount #Sponsored

Two things in our life we love are travel and wine, both of which can get expensive if you let them. We enjoy relaxing, having a glass of wine every now and then, travel we try to implement in our lives at least once a month for weekends away, with a few week long trips throughout the year.

How to save money on wine
My parents didn't drink alcohol and it wasn't until my late 20s when I had left the church I grew up in that I started to drink. I am not a heavy drinker by any stretch of the imagination. My partner, he quite enjoys red wine.

Earlier this year we sat down and worked out how much money we were spending on alcohol. As this was not something that had been part of my budget before, I was horrified to discover how much of our grocery budget was going to wine, mainly because we weren't organised. As soon as I discovered this I did a search for wine and Groupon Coupons came up with which gave me a heap of coupons and discount options for ordering my wine online. This has saved us hundreds this year alone.

How to save money on travel
Travel hacking has a huge following and so many people share different ways to save money with travelling. As travel is such an important part of my life I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way. For the most part, I get paid to travel now. However, when I don't, a few simple things that can save money are:

1.) Search for discounts
Groupon Coupons has discounts for One Travel which is a great place to search for discounted travel promo codes. I have used Groupon Coupons a lot for everything from travel to lingerie, wine to cleaning products! They are definitely worth checking out.

2.) Research
Check out where you want to travel to, find out the best times to go there, when the best discounts can be had then see what deals you can score.

3.) Sign up for discounts
Subscribe to the mailing lists of airlines, travel companies and anywhere that gives discounts you can use for your travels (including Groupon Coupons!) This way the best deals are emailed directly to you and you can take advantage of them quickly.

Do you like wine and travel?

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