Thursday, December 8, 2016

Start Your Own Business for Less Than $500

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but just assumed that it would be too risky and too expensive? This perception is common, but it is totally false. To start a business, you do not need investors and hundreds of thousands of dollars; all you need is $500 (or less) and you could be earning your very own income without depending on a job from one of the companies in your local area. Sound appealing? Let’s explore some businesses that you could easily start for a relatively inexpensive price.

1) Lawn Mowing

Before you wrinkle up your nose at this option and label this type of work as “below you”, think about the many lawn mowing services in your area. Do you realize how much some of these companies are earning and how little it costs for them to operate? And, getting started is fairly simple, especially if you already own a lawn mower. Simply make some fliers, walk around your neighborhood and explain to them that you are looking to earn some extra money to _______ (you fill in the blank – perhaps to pay off debt, pay for your child’s tuition, or to raise money for an adoption). If your cause is worthy, many people in your neighborhood will definitely allow you to mow their yard for a small fee. And who knows? This could turn into quite a huge business in two or three years.

2) Shovel/Snow Blow/Plow

If you live in an area where the snow flies a few months out of the year, people will pay pretty good money for you to clear the snow out of their driveway. You can do this work with a shovel, a snow blower, or (if you own a truck), you can purchase a plow. Any of these options will do and will earn you $20 for each driveway. The startup costs are cheap and the potential earnings are great.

3) Start a Website

Starting a website today is easier and cheaper than ever. If you have something that you would like to sell or perhaps you think you have some valid information that people would like to read, then you should definitely try your hand at becoming a webmaster (this is simply someone that owns a website). If you find a deal, you can get started for less than $40 in the first year. The upside is tremendous and it can actually be quite fun!

4) Detail Cars

As the average person continues to make themselves more and more busy, they continually are looking for ways to free up their precious time. This means that many are willing to pay someone else to clean their cars inside and out. This fee is typically $150 or more at the professionals. You likely have most of the tools necessary already and could charge less than $100. If you are very detailed, your business might just take off and earn you hundreds of dollars every week. At this rate, it doesn’t take too many cars to replace your income.

So what do you think? Are you ready to start your own business?

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