Friday, November 4, 2016

3 tips for cheap travel

We all love to travel don’t we? At various times throughout the year, we might get an opportunity to go somewhere and experience something new. The only problem is, we often spend thousands of dollars for these experiences and can therefore only afford to get out and take one or two vacations a year. But, what if your vacations only cost you $800? Would you go on more trips? What if you only had to spend $400? Chances are that by reducing the price of each vacation considerably, many of us would find ourselves exploring new things more often! So, let’s figure out how to keep the expenses down and the experiences up!

1) Fuel Efficiency and Camping
When you come back from your vacations, what is that people typically ask you? On a regular basis you will hear, “How was it? What did you see? What was your favorite part?” These are all questions about your experiences, not about your hotel room. One of the largest expenses of any vacation is finding a place to sleep, which can often cost over $100 per night! That’s simply outrageous! What if your lodging expenses could be cut down to $5 a night? It can be done – all you need is a tent.
I know sleeping in a tent doesn’t sound all that glorious, but it really does limit the cost of your vacation. Take a week-long vacation in a hotel and shell out $700. Spend that same amount of time in a campground and spend only $35. This is a HUGE difference.

Another great money saver is your car. Instead of driving your massive SUV that sucks gas, pack a little less and take your fuel-efficient car. You will get better gas mileage and will also experience the joy of packing a little lighter. This will save you about half of your typical fuel costs.

2) Have to Fly? Find Cheap Airfare
Are you going somewhere where you would really rather fly (because it’s not all that fun to drive 1,500 miles, and driving over oceans really isn’t all that possible)? Instead of just choosing a ticket and hopping on a plane, you might want to figure out how to find a plane ticket for much cheaper.
Here are some quick tips for you to save some money:
* Fly the red-eye on a weekday (or on Saturday)
* Purchase your ticket 3 weeks before you want to travel
* Fly out of smaller, low cost airports
* Check with discount airlines and purchase from them directly
* Pack light, baggage is expensive

3) Couch Surfing
Have you ever heard of couch surfing? If you are travelling alone and don’t mind crashing on someone’s couch for a few nights, then this might be for you. There is a website out there where you can contact an individual that lives in the place where you are headed, and will allow you to sleep on their couch for nothing. It is a little strange, and does obviously come with some risks, but if you think you can handle it, there is absolutely nothing cheaper than free, especially when you’re talking about lodging.

Are you ready to travel for cheap? Which tips do you think you will use?

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