Monday, April 4, 2016

Do you get treated differently if you have private health insurance? Yes! #Sponsored

This is my personal experience, speaking to others it appears to be fairly common. It is sponsored, however I have strong feelings about health insurance and this story is one of many as to why I think everyone should have it.

Last year, my youngest daughter had a rare and severe reaction to some medication she was prescribed and not easily identifiable but I knew something was wrong.

I called the health hotline and was advised to go to Emergency. The nurse assessed her and we were taken through to the emergency area. After a few hours, some tests and my eldest falling asleep on my lap the doctor came back.

He said the reaction was such that they could discharge me if I felt I could monitor it myself at home and come back if it got worse. As a single mum who was exhausted and with another child to care for I said I doubt I could monitor her properly on my own.

Since I was single and I had private health insurance they admitted her. When she was seen by the paediatrician in the morning, I was informed she would be staying a few days, she never should have been prescribed the medication she was and that she will be having at least a week or two off school after she was discharged and discharging her last night should never have been considered.

Had I not had private health insurance, we would have been sent home and my daughters reaction could have caused significant issues. 

On top of that, there were a few other differences between my care and that of a public patient.

My phone went flat not long after we arrived and because I hadn't thought about anything other than getting my daughter to hospital, I had no charger. I had my eldest daughter with me and had I been a public patient they would have called a social worker to come get my eldest daughter and take her away for the night until a family member could be contacted.

Because we have private health insurance we were put in a private hospital room with a couch and extra bedding was provided so we could all sleep, along with a nurse providing a charger for my phone. In the morning I was able to connect with a family member and have my eldest daughter looked after while my youngest and I stayed in hospital.

The difference between being a public patient and a private patient was significant. I used to want to believe that we were all treated equally and that should anything happen to my kids they would get the treatment they needed. Because the people on call when my daughter was admitted weren't specialists in the area, had we not had private health insurance, we would not have got the treatment she needed and I am scared to think about what could have happened.

Health insurance is a personally choice, for me, it is essential. I used Compare The Market recently to see if I was on the best deal, and I am. If you don't have health insurance already, I highly recommend getting some and if you do have it, check to see you are getting the best deal you can.

Do you have health insurance? Have you had any experiences like mine?

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