Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Harness Your Inner Power

Inside each one of us, there’s a well waiting to be tapped.  What we draw from that well is power.  Not the kind of power that oppresses others, but the kind of power that fuels ourselves. That power helps make us confident.  That power helps us get through hard times, whether they be relationship problems, the loss of a job, or inner, existential conflicts.

Some people seem to have easy access to their wells.  They’ve set up camp nearby, and have the latest pulley system ready to send a bucket down to make a withdrawal at any moment. Some of us have to look a little harder to even locate the well.  Once we get there we’re pulling the heavy bucket up hand over hand.

If you’re having problems accessing your own well, give these five tips a readover.  They can help you harness that inner power, even when you feel like you have none.

Focus on Helping Others

It may seem counterintuitive that one of the first steps to finding your own inner power is to help others, but there are rare few things that can get us back on track as quickly.  When we focus on others, we are forcing ourselves to make our own problems secondary.  Any depression, self-loathing, or other blocks that are holding us back are put on hold as we focus on what we can do to make the other person’s situation better.  While the process should focus genuinely on the other person, by doing so you’re likely to discover or rediscover some of your own strengths.

Stop Comparing

In our world of Instagram- and Facebook-perfect lives, it’s easy to think that everyone we know has their lives ordered just so.  Comparing has always been an unhealthy activity, but it has become even more unrealistic as every last person in your family, circle of friends, and extended circles posts all the fun things they’re doing, while leaving out the bad.

While this is true, it really wouldn’t matter if someone did have a perfect, charmed life.  As humans, we all have what we perceive to be problems.  While someone else’s trials will inevitably look different from your own, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Similarly, just because someone else has wild success doesn’t mean that there’s not enough left in the world for you to be successful, too.  When someone else is pretty, it doesn’t diminish your own beauty.

When someone seems to have found their inner power, it doesn’t mean that yours is a lost cause.  You are drawing from separate wells, and both are infinitely deep.

Change Your Thoughts

“Watch your thoughts; they become your words.  Watch your words; they become your actions.  Watch your actions; they become your habits.  Watch your habits; they become your character.  Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” -Unknown

This notoriously famous quote holds a lot of wisdom.  With it, we can see that everything in our lives can be affected by our thoughts.  When we change our thoughts into ones that empower us rather than self-destroy, we build confidence, and are able to harness that power within us easier.  Need some help changing your thought process?  Check out tips one and two here.


Almost all religions of the world teach about a higher power.  Some teach that the power is within us, while others teach that it lies beyond.  Most religions also teach some form of meditation to access or connect to that power.  Some forms include prayer, mindfulness meditation (where you focus on your breathing, etc.,) mantra meditation, and yoga.   Use whichever form works best for you and your religious beliefs.  Even if you have none, meditation is a powerful way to center yourself when you feel like your world has gotten crazy.

Push Your Boundaries

Going outside of your comfort zone can be scary.  If you don’t feel like you have enough power to make it through what’s already on your plate,  how are you supposed to add more?

When you push your boundaries, you’ll surprise yourself by what you can do and what you can handle.  Even if you don’t achieve a 100% success rate, the confidence you’ll gain from trying is well worth the trepidation.  Odds are, you’ll be shocked by what you can achieve.  If you never push yourself, you’ll be stuck in the same place.  It’s like your well of inner power being over the next hill:  the one you’re too afraid to climb.

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