Monday, July 27, 2015

10 questions to ask yourself to take control of your life

January is the time for resolutions but how many people take stock later in the year? Have you even thought about yours since you made it? 

So I’m asking you now, whether you started this year with goals or not, to sit down with a pen and paper and do a little project with me. I want you to answer these questions- not just with a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or a one liner, but really think about them. Write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t worry, I won’t be grading it at the end so you’re free to really let loose.  Let’s go!

1.) What were your resolutions for this year, or if you had none, what were your general expectations for the year ahead?

2.) Did you start this year with a plan, or with measurable goals and if so, how are they progressing? Maybe you were due to finish something or start something new. Has it happened yet? Now is a good time to adjust the goals if you need to, or make new ones.

3.) So far this year, what has held you back the most? Write down how you felt and a few things you can do to get around this.

4.) What has helped you, lifted you up or inspired you? Write down some things that this inspiration has helped you accomplish. Think about how you felt at the time and how you can generate the same sort of feeling again.

5.) What, right now, are you grateful for? List some big things and some small ones, some things that affect you and some that are for those you care about.

6.) What things have you gone out of your way to do for others this year? What has been done for you? Even a polite wave from a driver can make you smile for a day. List a few things you’ve done or received.

7.) What thoughts, feelings, wishes or intentions have you put out into the universe so far this year? Think about your overall state- happy, angry, jealous, thankful? Imagine your thoughts and intentions as a form of energy

8.) List some things the universe has given back- a few green lights when you were in a rush, or something bigger like a windfall? Maybe something happened unexpectedly but you had the resources to handle it, or maybe things just got a little easier for a while.

9.) What did you receive this year for working really hard? This can be in your personal life, not just professionally. Remember time when you’ve put in effort for something and were rewarded for it.

10.) Going back over the previous questions, what would you like the second half of this year to look like and how will you make it happen? Think about what you’ll put in, what you can give and how to ride out the rest of this year with grace.

Write out the answers to these questions, along with any thoughts you have on the way. Seal it in an envelope- make notes if you want about your plan for the rest of the year- and put it in a safe place. Crack it open New Years Eve and see how things went!

Post by Amy Hopkins

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