Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Having a Positive Mindset Can Help Your Finances

When we set major goals, especially ones that will take a while to achieve, there's no doubt that life will throw obstacles our way.  Car repairs, an illness that takes us away from work, or actually having to file a claim and pay our insurance deductible are all examples of situations where we may have to siphon money away from our preferred objectives.

When that happens, and it almost inevitably will, we have two options:  we can respond positively or we can respond negatively.  It's easy to respond negatively.  After all, those obstacles are delaying the fulfillment of our goals.  At this rate, we'll never reach them, so why keep trying?

When we think negatively, we limit our options.  We see only the unfavorable options that lie in front of us.  When we think we can't achieve, we tend to stop trying as hard.  We start using our money to bring fleeting happiness in the here and now instead of saving for the things that really matter.  We binge shop.  We make impulse purchases.  We do everything we shouldn't be doing because we've given up.

When we think positively, our entire world shifts.  We're open to more possibilities, and see the potential positive outcomes more readily.  Maybe the car broke down, but with a positive mindset we can explore other avenues for making up the money instead of lamenting the fact that we had to spend the money to repair it.  We pick up extra shifts at work.  We pick up a side hustle.  We trim our budget.  We get back on track, and waste less time tending towards things like self-imposed depression.

When we pick up extra shifts, create a side hustle, or trim back our budget, what we're actually doing is creating more opportunity for ourselves.  In her broaden-and-build philosophy, Barbara Fredrickson backs this concept with scientific research.  It turns out that people who think more positively are not just happier in the here and now; their outlook allows them more opportunities in the future.  These opportunities lead to greater happiness and achievement down the road, making positive thinking an essential perpetual motion machine for happiness.

For example, maybe your boss sees the extra hours you're putting in and is a little more open to negotiation at your next annual review.  Your positivity just got you a raise.  Maybe your side hustle blossoms into a small business, generating more income and helping you reach your goals light years ahead of schedule.  Maybe you trimmed your budget initially because you had to, but after a few months you realize that you really can live on less.  You decide to make it a lifelong habit, and are able to reach all of your financial goals at a faster pace because you don't need as much to cover you month-to-month.

Life is going to happen regardless of if we meet it with a grimace or a smile.  But when we choose to meet it with a smile, we open ourselves up to a world of opportunity.

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