Monday, October 6, 2014

The final 6 months of my goal

Have you ever set a goal so high, so ridiculous you weren’t sure you’d achieve it? I did and on the journey to my goal, my life changed so dramatically, I don’t even recognize myself or the life I had when I set this goal, it just seems so far away from who I am and what I do now.

It’s 6 months until my 30th birthday. Due to circumstances in my personal life, I can’t give exact financial details on anything anymore. I was hoping things might change but it has been over a year and still, I can’t. I will say this, the journey has been amazing and where I am at in my life is pretty close to perfect.

I find it fascinating to look back over my journey and see the things I have overcome and the things I have achieved as well as how much what I want and strive for in life has changed.

When I started this blog, it was predominantly about my desire to make more money, to become a millionaire because I was unhappy with my life.  My bucket list was full of places to travel, things to see and do. I didn’t want what I had.

Fast forward 5 years and I don’t have that life anymore, but I also don’t have that desire to travel, go everywhere else and do anything else except live the life I have. I hated my life, whereas now I love it and even though my most recent trip was to my favourite conference (FinCon) to a place I have always wanted to see (New Orleans) and I enjoyed it, before I even left I missed my life here already. I had a great time, but I wanted to be back in Canberra, with my daughters, with my family and friends.

My sister said it best when I made a comment about my lack of travel desire:
“Maybe that’s because you always had a life you wanted to escape from. Now you love your life.” Or something to that effect, and she’s right.

I am still interested in seeing the world, but only if I have my daughters with me.

Where to from here?
Right now, I own multiple sites and have various forms of income. I live in a house I know I can stay in long term, my daughters are happy and I just landed my ideal contract through my business which not only pays the bills, but helps others, particularly the disadvantaged around Canberra. My goals for the next 6 months are fairly simple.

My only goal is to spend more quality time with my daughters and the rest of my family. I won’t go into more detail than that.

I have achieved a few health goals, I lost over 30kgs in the time I have been blogging. I learnt a form of dance, did a 5km run and other things. I have slacked off lately. I am relatively happy with my body, but could be much healthier.
Whole 30 – I want to try doing a whole 30 month, essentially cut out sugar, preservatives and eat real food.  Whole 30 refers to an actual program my friend has tried with success. My eating habits have improved greatly over the past 5 years, but I slipped recently and want to kick start my healthy lifestyle.
Run 10km – even if it’s not a public run by my birthday, I want to be running 10km on the treadmill, the whole way.
Complete a 100 challenge – this goes for push ups, sit ups, squats and planking for 100 seconds. I see many challenges online and every time I start one I end up injured, not because of the challenge but other random ways. I want to complete at least one by my birthday.

Get virtual assistants – not just one, because different assistants have different areas of expertise and I want people to spend a few hours a week focused on the areas they are strong in instead of one person trying to do it all.
Read and implement business books – I have a stack of business books I have read bits and pieces from. They have great advice and I will read and implement the applicable advice of the ones I own by my birthday.

Uluru – My daughters and I will be heading to Uluru for my 30th, well just after in the school holidays.  That is the only travel I have planned between now and my birthday.

After I’m 30
I’ll still continue to share ways to make and save money plus goals or things I am working on here. It won’t stop just because I have reached the age for my goal. My life has changed so much that money is no longer my focus, I just enjoy the journey.

What are your plans for the next 6 months?

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