Thursday, July 31, 2014

Slow down to save money

We live very fast paced lives and the 'convenience' costs us money. Even though it is normal in society to be constantly on the go, everyone working themselves to death and being busy, busy, busy, doesn't mean it's right.

Recently, I attended the July 4th celebrations at the US Embassy here in Canberra. I got to meet the chef they had flown in, Tory McPhail and it was interesting listening to him speak about how he cooks and cooking in New Orleans. Everything is slow and in his restaurants they make everything themselves including pickling plus all food comes from within a 100mile radius.

The past few months I have been insanely busy setting up a new company, participating in Human Brochure, court and other things and as a result, my finances have not been as robust as normal. Over the past few weeks I analysed my life as well as my finances to see where I could slow down and what flow on effect that would have.

1.) Cooking
I got very lazy with this in June, partially because I was out at events a lot and the tasty items I was given made me not want to cook. Since re-establishing routine, starting dinner earlier and focusing on slow food not only are we eating better again, but my grocery bill has dropped.

2.) Driving
My petrol bill went up as I raced to get everywhere and drove many places instead of walking. The simple act of driving my kids to and from school instead of walking because I was so busy the day before I slept in doubles my petrol bill.

By slowing down, making sure I get adequate sleep and we get ready in time to walk to school saves me on petrol, wear and tear on the car as well as my own sanity. I get very stressed if I am late.

3.) Enjoying life
When we are busy busy busy we don't get to enjoy the little things or appreciate the 'moment'. My kids are growing so fast, but when i am rushing around I don't get to see the little things they learn, I miss out on events at school and their milestones. This week I slowed down and saw my youngest get 2 awards at school, watched as my eldest daughter read to her sister and overheard a little whisper from one of them that has made mornings run smoother.

That little whisper was "Let's race mum and beat her." This was in reference to getting ready. Game ON! Every morning was a battle with my children dragging their feet, stressing me out and we'd end up late. Now, it's a race to get ready before me, which they love and we are getting ready in time to walk to school then walk home. On the walk home they tell me about their day. When I am living too fast paced, I miss out on these things.

4.) Decision making
We all make the wrong choices at times, but I have noticed when I am busy, worn out and trying to live too fast I make more wrong decisions. When slow down, keep my priorities in order and take time to make decisions I do much better. The wrong decision can cost you a lot of money.

So tell me, do you live too fast? Are you trying to slow down? What benefits have you seen from living a slower life?

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  1. Yes, I certainly live too fast. How do I know? Well, I allocate 17 minute slots to play with our puppy (we have a ten months old dog). This matter about slowing down has been on my mind for sometime now and I even bought a book. It is called 'Slow' and is an investigation of different slow movements. Having tried some slow stuff, I wouldn't say that life slows down - it is juts that we experience it as a much more rich happening.


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