Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to save money when you go from full time to part time work

A few people have contacted me about how to manage financially if or when they go part time instead of full time. It can be hard, especially if it was unplanned such as job cuts or from injury. If it is something like that, make sure you talk to a lawyer to get advice as you may be entitled to compensation or there might be grants available to you, which will help.

If you are working less, theoretically you have more time, which can translate into huge savings. You can do more yourself and just by making the switch some expenses shrink anyway.

When you cut your hours you can also:
Reduce childcare
When you work less, you can save a few hundred a fortnight simply by taking your children out of childcare too.
Use less petrol
Not driving to and from work means lower petrol usage, less wear and tear on the car, no longer paying for parking and in some cases, it means you can get rid of the second car all together. Using public transport a couple of days might be more practical than having a car.
Wear cheaper clothing
This applies especially if you work in a corporate environment. At home you don’t need to have a certain look and can dress more casually if you desire.

With the extra time you can:
Drop the cleaner
As lovely as it is to have someone clean your house, you can save the $50 - $100 a week you spend on a cleaner and do it yourself.
Do your own beauty treatments
Do that manicure or facial yourself. Pop a treatment in your hair instead of going to the salon. Mix up your own body scrub and other beauty products. You can save a few thousand a year doing your beauty yourself.
Menu plan and shop in sales
Take the time to menu plan, cook meals to have on hand when you are busy, make school snacks and more. You can save a significant amount of money by planning your meals and stopping food waste.
Compare prices
Use some of the time to compare prices on all the insurance and services you use in your life. 10 minutes here and there checking each one can save you hundreds per service per year!
Exercise for free
Drop the gym membership and go for a run, use outdoor equipment or join up with other mums to exercise instead.

What ways do you save money being at home more?

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  1. These are all great points. When I went from being employed to self employed, I took over a bunch of the household duties. I took a pay cut in going solo, but we are saving money in other areas of the house which makes my lower income more affordable to us.


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