Sunday, May 4, 2014

5 tips for a job interview

Todays job market is fierce and you really need a competitive edge to land an interview, let alone ace one. Here are a few tips for the interview process.

1.) Appearance 
Dress appropriately for the job you are being interviewed for and make sure you are well groomed. Shower, deodorant, a small splash of perfume or cologne (don’t bathe in it), polished shoes, manicured nails, a fresh face and neat hair all go a long way to making you look presentable and desirable.

2.) Have questions and answers ready 
Every interviewer asks if you have any questions. Having a couple of questions on hand makes it look like you have done your research, thought the job though thoroughly and if it is what you really want. Along with the questions you plan to ask, know answers to questions they are likely to ask so you aren’t sitting there umming and aahing while you try to think of something.

3.) Practice 
Ask someone to help you practice. Look up job interview questions and practice answering them. Take note of how you speak, if you are fiddling with your buttons or hair, how often you say ‘um’ and work on improving your answers so you are confident when asked questions.

4.) Be on time but not too early
Getting to an interview too early is as bad as coming late. Being too early puts pressure on the people doing interviews and that is not good for either you or them. If the only way you can get there is by arriving very early, that’s ok, just don’t go in. Go to a nearby park or cafĂ© until just before your interview.

5.) Do your research 
Know about the company, know about the role and apply what you know to experiences in your own life to tie things together nicely in the interview. There is no point going in knowing nothing about the role other than what was advertised online or in the paper. You will make more of an impression if you know more than the average person.

What are your interview tips?


  1. It blows my mind when people come for an interview dressed in jeans. The old saying is true...dress to impress!

    I would also add to leave your cell phone in your car or turn it off. If you are getting phone calls/texts while in an interview, it is not a good thing. And it's worse if you actually answer/respond to them.

  2. I went on a job interview last year and it had been years since I last interviewed. To make things more stressful, I had to teach a lesson to a group of students I didn't know, then interview with a bunch of teachers and admins afterwards. Man, it was quite awful. I didn't get the job, which in the end I was thankful for, but it was a lesson learned: keep it simple! My lesson was much too complicated (and I got there too early).

  3. All good tips, agree with each one. It's so important to be prepared, and that's one where I think a lot of people fall short.

    It's vital to thing of oneself as a product that's being sold to a potential customer, and to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. What does he or she really want? Why are you better than the next best candidate? These are questions to ask oneself when preparing, in addition to researching the company itself.

  4. I think one of the most important parts of the interview is the opportunity to ask questions. It can give you some insight into the job and allows you to make a final and lasting impression with the interviewer.

  5. I think it's really important to convey enthusiasm for the position. You don't have to act all goofy or anything like that, but at the end of the interview, make sure to let them know that you could see yourself fitting there, adding value to their organization, and that you look forward to the opportunity. An employer doesn't just want the most qualified person, they want someone that will fit and be part of the team. Letting them know that you want to give them that can help you in many ways.


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