Friday, March 7, 2014

What to do when your plan isn't working!

What do you do when life throws curveballs and things do not go as planned?

I set big goals. I create plans. I work hard. I am motivated and I achieve a lot. In November last year I posted my goals for this year. I had some pretty hefty aspirations and had no doubt I would achieve them. Then January 31st came and my world as I knew it was ripped out from under me. The events that took place in the weeks prior, without my knowledge, and what I had to do as a result in the coming weeks rocked me to my core. I thought I was past the worst, but I was wrong.

I am pretty open about my life, but this, this I am not sharing. Other than to say it changed my view on everything. It changed my plans. It changed my ability to follow through with those plans. To be honest, for the last 6 weeks I have been running mostly on survival mode, presenting a decent front, working when I can and just being a mum.

All that really matters to me is my children. Things are not going to plan for 2014, as such I need to make changes.

When plans are not working you need to:

1.) Review
What is working? What isn't working? Why and why not? What is the end goal? How can you achieve that? Is that goal still relevant to your life?

There is a difference between quitting and knowing when you have had enough. Sometimes life changes and goals we set no longer apply to our lives. Do NOT just give up if a goal just seems too hard.

2.) Be honest with yourself
Was the plan unrealistic in the first place? Did you have the passion and determination to do it? Are you changing because it seems too hard and you have lost motivation or are you genuinely in a position where the plan is no longer serving you?

Don't try to justify your actions. Don't try to reason with yourself. Just be honest. Did you self sabotage? Are you quitting because it feels too hard when in reality if you changed your plans you could still achieve your goal?

3.) Make changes
If the goal is still relevant and still a desire and you are not just being lazy or throwing things in the ;too hard basket' then you need to make some changes. Having reviewed the plans and since you were honest with yourself, you are now in a position to see what changes can make this goal happen and create a new plan.

4.) Implement the changes
Creating a new plan is pointless if you don't implement the changes and stick to it. Action speaks louder than words. Get to work. Don't spend all your time planning. You know your goal, you know what you need to make it happen so go do it.

5.) Motivation
Motivation can be hard. Surround yourself with like minded people who want to lift you higher. Seek out mentors to assist you with your goals. They might not even know they are your mentors. You can learn from anyone, anywhere.

Work out what motivates you and use that to help you when your plans seem too hard or appear to be falling apart.

6.) Take time out
Whenever you need to, take a break. As long as it is not just you procrastinating, a break can help with motivation, inspiration and keep you focused. All work and no play is not a way to live.

 So what changes did I make?
- I pulled out of public speaking for the first part of this year. My daughters need me and it is just not practical to be going everywhere else. I will pick up public speaking in a couple of months again and am keeping my engagements in the latter half of the year.
- My publisher wanted to go a different angle with my book and I don't want to, so my first book that was planned to be out later this year might not happen on schedule.
- I pulled out of helping at Ainslie Village and setting up the centre there.

I am having a meeting next week with a few others to discuss our plans, make suggestions and help each other achieve more. It's after this meeting that I will finalise my decisions and direction I want to go with everything.

What do you do when things do not go as planned?


  1. I LOVE the Elizabeth Edwards quote you have in this post!

    It seems like you have adjusted your sails. Hopefully the sailing is smoother from here out.

  2. Things always change. You have to be able to adapt. One thing I do is try to look up front at things that might change, so that when they do, you have done some up front preparation and planning.

  3. Life can get really tough when it throws you a curveball. It sounds like you're adapting and doing what you need to persevere. These are good steps to re-assess and get back on track.

  4. Having a plan is important but being able to make changes and adapt is huge. The plan won't do you any good if you can't make changes to it along the way. Life happens. Nothing is set in stone and your plan shouldn't be either.


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