Monday, March 17, 2014

Motivation Monday - Where I got mine this week

Motivation comes in many forms. I love inspirational quotes and have them written on my mirror. Last week I had "One step at a time. One day at a time." sent in a text to me from a friend to help remind me that I can only do one thing at a time and despite numerous traumatic events, just think about and deal with one at a time.
"Don't think. Don't hope. Do!" is a reminder to take action and was said by John Kennedy SNR, coach and player for Hawthorn in 1975 to inspire the players in the grand final.

And finally I have this one:

To remind me I am strong, I can achieve and have achieved great things. I should never underestimate myself, nor should anyone else. 

Here are a few others I heard this week which helped me:

It is very easy to wallow and be unhappy when things do not work out as planned. This week I had a car accident. Thankfully my car is still drivable, it wasn't my fault and the emergency services were on scene within 10 minutes. Also, 3 cars stopped and 2 of them were first aid officers trained for crisis. I was not at fault and it will get fixed.

I could have gotten upset and stressed. But I haven't. I choose not to worry, it will work out and none of us were injured severely, so why be miserable about it? Why be miserable about anything?

I try to practice and attitude of gratitude and the quote below is a good reminder for that...

I am ambitious and have strong desires for a lot of things. But I should never forget how blessed I have been, how far I have come and the wonderful things in my life right now. 

Lastly, you are in control of your own happiness:

What is motivating you this week?


  1. Those are great quotes, and very true. Good to keep things in perspective.

    What's motivating me this week is thinking about how a few older people I know are going through serious health problems. It's motivating in that it reminds me that while life is short, or true quality years of life are even shorter. Thus, we truly need to make the most each day!

  2. Ray, it is interesting how watching others go through something often inspires us to make changes in our own lives. Thanks for sharing.


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