Thursday, March 20, 2014

Living without what we deem to be basics

This week has been interesting - car accident, internet issues, insurance issues and more. I have to change a lot of my plans and life at the moment because of it all. What I have always deemed necessities in my life, might not be as necessary as I thought.

How many things in your life do you view as a necessity, that you could get fine along without?

My car has always been deemed a necessity to me. Mine is still drivable after the accident. Mechanically it is still sound, the bumper and a couple of panels look worse for wear but are still firmly attached.

I added up the cost of public transport vs having a car last year. At the time I was travelling to Sydney every second weekend, volunteering twice a week and y lifestyle needed a car. It would have been more expensive and very time consuming to not have one.

Looking at my life now, I no longer drive to Sydney every second weekend, in fact I barely go there at all. We walk to school most days. I had to stop volunteering and apart from mornings where we are running late, I hardly use my car. Groceries (which I could get delivered), family things and public speaking are the only times I really need my car. I like the convenience of having a car, but it is no longer a necessity and is probably more expensive to keep the car than to use public transport now.

In some ways this is a necessity for interviews, Skype mentoring and being able to fix anything I need to with my business.

I switched internet providers due to so many outages and slow speed with Jiva. The day I switched back, Internode had issue with my exchange and the whole suburb went out. Now it looks like there is an issue specifically near my house. It will take 3 days to get a technician.

I rely on the internet for work, but the library and many places have free wifi. It is not a necessity as much as many people feel it is. Mind you, you can make money online to improve your finances and I prefer to have it at home. I feel not having it is detrimental to my business, but I can cope without it.

I am one of the few people I know who don't watch TV. It just doesn't interest me. I cannot think of a single show I feel compelled to watch the whole season of or 'can't miss'. I will admit I like The Big Bang Theory and Sons of Anarchy, but I see no reason to pay for TV.

I can think of so many more things we deem necessities, when in actual fact they aren't. We would get along just fine without them. Of course, what is necessary for one, is different for another. What things do others deem necessities that you don't?


  1. It's easy to blur the lines of needs and wants all of the time nowadays. We all want a higher standard of living and we think we need certain things to have it. Personally, I would love to go without cable, but I enjoy sports too much. It's not that I need cable, I just want it really bad and am not willing to give it up just yet.

  2. We ditched our cable last year (we only had it for a couple of years anyway) and purchased an HD antenna. It works just fine for the basic channels and we don't watch much TV as it is. We also have been a single-car family for years now. I bike to work a few days a week and MR. LH works from home. It works out for the most part. However, I'd have to say I don't think I could live without the internet. It would be hard to conduct business without it.

  3. I agree! I gave up my cable 7 years ago and never looked back. I'm more productive and I've saved thousands of dollars.

  4. I've been toying with the idea of cutting cable TV but I like to watch sports. Definitely could not live without the internet though!

  5. @Jon my ex loved Union and it was only on cable most of the time, so we did have it for the world cup one year. If you love it and can afford it, no need to cut it.
    @Little House, no internet at home is making life harder. I am hoping to be back online next week. That's great you bike to work. Bike paths are great where I live too and most people bike.
    @Monica that is great. I agree about being more productive and saving money.
    @Paul internet is a must now isn't it?

  6. I'd love to cut cable TV. I could probably find alternative sources for the few shows that I do watch. The only thing I'd really miss is live sports although I'm sure I would do just fine without it. The reason why I haven't is two fold: my internet, tv, and work phone line are all bundled through the same service. Cutting out the tv portion probably wouldn't save much because the other services (which I need because I work from home) would just go up. The other reason? Convincing my wife!

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