Monday, February 3, 2014

Progress on my 2014 goals

January is done and dusted, so how am I going with my goals so far?

Goals For 2014
1.) 104 public speaking gigs. I did 2 in January. Most of my speaking is booked for later in the year, so I am happy with this so far.
2.) Publish 2 more books. I had finished and handed in the manuscript. My publisher just got back to me and essentially want a rewrite with a different angle. I am considering whether I will do that or if I will combine the 2 books I had planned and give it to my other publisher in April. Still deciding.
3.) Buy a house. I started looking. I expect to purchase around October, but  I want to know the market well and get adjusted to the size of homes in my price range compared to the size of the house I currently live in. I set a goal for $70,000 and have saved $3,000 in January. Not enough, but still good.
4.) Double my share portfolio. This is a focus for later in the year too.
5.) Financial Blogger Conference 2014. Tickets go on sale this week, but due to a recent event in my personal life I am no longer sure I will be able to make it.
6.) The Colour Run is coming to Canberra in February. It is a 5km run that I have been keen to do for a long time. This will be my first ever 'real' run.
7.) Set up the Life Skills Centre at Ainslie Village. I had to back out of this due to my personal life. It hurt so much to step back, I will still be in the loop and lend a hand, I just won't be as involved.
8.) Outsource. I have worked out what I am willing to outsource, hired a staff writer for one of my sites and am looking at other options. 
9.) CEO Sleepout. My aim is to raise $2,000 for the CEO Sleepout on June 19, 2014. The middle of winter in Canberra will see me freezing my butt off, but for a good cause. Donations open soon. I haven't worked out how I will raise the money, but $2,000 is my goal.
10.) Organise my life. I'm getting better with more solid routine. School is back this week which will make a big difference. 

Family Goals
1.) Be a better mother. By being more in the moment, playing with my kids, spending time with them one one one, taking better care of myself and my health I can see a change in my little family. I am more patient and while my kids are still settling back into life here after being with their dad for 3 weeks, I think it's working. They draw pictures and write "I love mum the best!" so I guess I am doing something right. School has just started to go back and I will be making sure we do all the homework and readers, plus I will attend the assemblies and help where I can.
2.) Annual family holiday. Still haven't picked where we will go but my kids are asking for camping and fishing, so maybe a weekend in March or April we'll go.
3.) Finish our furniture. I haven't started this.
4.) Create stability and routine. This is getting there. My kids have more definite chores and our routines are being established around school and other activities.
5.) Family pet. Haven't got a fish yet, but I did locate a pet store.

Health Goals
I got to the clothing size I wanted, in fact I got below it. I feel great in many ways, but still mentally struggle with my body. I am not as toned as I would like. I have no desire to look muscular, I still prefer a curvier, softer, feminine figure over the muscular athletic figure. I know my body is not as firm as I would like.
1.) Run 4 times a week. I injured my knee, which prevented me running as much as I wanted, but this goal is coming along.
2.) Commit to training. I haven't been paying myself to work out, and haven't worked out as much as I would have liked mainly because of the heat wave. I am doing better than last year though.
3.) Create and stick to a proper eating plan. This I am doing pretty well with.
4.) Run a marathon. This is an eventual goal and not one I expect to achieve in 2014. Since it is a goal of mine I put it here as a lot of 2014 will be training for that.

These are my main goals and the areas of my life I will be focusing on. With all of them I will be seeking balance and happiness in my life and the lives of my daughters. What are your goals?

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