Monday, February 17, 2014

Is selling your old stuff really worth it?

Last week I listed a bunch of stuff on eBay and GumTree. In the past I have done really well from this and this time I still made $250 from eBay, but it was a fair amount of time and effort, not to mention the sleaze I had to deal with.

To sell there was time sorting my stuff, ironing clothes, photographing everything, creating the listing, answering questions, invoicing and chasing payment, posting the items, waiting for the money to clear into my account from PayPal etc. All up it was hours and honestly, while the $250 is good, I won't be doing it again.

People are sleazy, rude and creepy
I was selling a lot of clothes including some new with tags and new without tags lingerie sets. I've sold new lingerie before with no issues. This time, the creeps came out of the wood work!

I got offers of four times the listed price of the lingerie if I would "wear it for a few hours first."

There were a few others along those lines. Nope, not my style.

I had a computer listed on Gumtree and I ended up hanging up on the guy. He had a very thick accent which I managed to decipher, but he treated me like I was the scum of the earth, asked the same questions over and over and got aggressive about why I would be selling a near new lap top, with 2 years extended warranty and Microsoft for the price I was. I explained it to him twice, but he kept going. Exasperated, I said "Ugh, oh my gosh!" and hung up. Then blocked the number.

It takes so much time
Honestly, the time it took to do the listings properly, for the amount I got this time was not worth it. Part of me was doing it to postpone doing other stuff I didn't want to do. Because, selling your stuff for cash is good, it aligns with my goal of my house deposit and is beneficial to what I want.

Yes, but not if there are other things you could be doing that would bring in more money or just benefit your life more.

In future, I'll check with family if they want anything then donating the rest.

The mess
Going through the house finding things to sell makes mess. Having everything out to photograph makes mess. Once you have done that you have to store it somewhere for the duration of the listing and until it is paid. More mess! Once I have decided I want it gone, I just want it gone. I don't want it messing up my house repeatedly.

I still thinking selling your used stuff is a great option if you need money or if you have something that will get a decent price. I won't list on Gumtree ever again.

What are your thoughts on selling your used items? *Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on Femme Frugality and A Life in Balance*


  1. It depends on what you are selling I think, and at what time of year. I recently did a purge of things in December and January. Old bikes, tools, kids things etc. We did well, but lots of work. These days I've committed to not doing it again. We literally have nothing left to get rid of, and we've committed to no more stuff.

  2. Truly the more I hear about Gumtree the more I would steer clear of it. eBay is funny because some things you think will sell quickly don't and some things you don't think will, do. I usually like to photograph things once day and do the listing another day but in saying that I really need o do both. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. It is definitely time consuming. I listed a bunch of stuff this week - mostly books and DVD sets and I feel like they're the easiest, just enter the ISBN and a listing already pops up, you just have to confirm the condition of the item. I think clothes are the worst, especially when people start asking for all kinds of measurements and stuff. I understand that they want it to fit, but it's a big hassle for just a little money sometimes.

  4. I got fed up with selling my old stuff too. The creeps on GumTree, the non payers on Ebay, the no shows on Facebook. I found it better to just donate to my favourite charities or give away stuff to friends and family too.

  5. That's why unless something is really worth more than a few bucks, I just donate instead of trying to sell it.


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