Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 things to do when you want to quit

Everyone has moments where they feel like giving up and only you know if it truly is the best option.

1.) Realise it is ok to quit. Life changes, your dreams and ambitions change and that's ok. If what you had set out to do really no longer fits in with your life, for example you wanted to climb Mount Everest this year, but now you're pregnant, then it is ok to stop or postpone your goal.
2.) Ask yourself "Why did I start?". Knowing why you started is sometimes all the push we need to get motivated again. If you started for reasons that still resonate with you, find a way to keep going.
3.) Take a break. When everything you do revolves around a goal it can be overwhelming. Step back, take some time off then start on it again with a renewed energy.
4.) Get fresh eyes on it. What you see as insurmountable obstacles to your goal which make you want to quit, someone else might see as a great opportunity might give you the insight and motivation you need to keep going.
5.) Talk to someone. Talking, even just to let out your frustration, can help. They might be the person you share your goal with to get fresh eyes or they might be someone you just offload to, or they might be the person you are accountable to who knows what to say and how to help you so you don't quit.
6.) Compare pros and cons. If you really want to quit, write a list of pros and cons, but be honest about it. Don't just focus on the negatives to justify quitting.  There is a reason you set this goal.
7.) Why should you continue? Ask yourself this and really think about it. You asked yourself why you started, do those reasons still apply for you to continue?
8.) Be solution focused. Focusing on the problems and the negativity around why you want to quit doesn't help. Focus on finding solutions instead of moaning about problems.
9.)What would you rather be doing? If you want to quit, there is a reason why and there is something else you would rather be doing. Or is there? Do you just want to quit because it feels too hard or you are overwhelmed and need a break? Work out what you would rather be doing and if that is worth more to you.
10.) Make changes. Whether you decide to quit or not, changes obviously need to be made to stop you burning out, to stop the desire to quit and to help you overcome the obstacles.

What do you do when you feel like quitting? *Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on Femme Frugality and Savvy Working Gal*


  1. I love #1 and #7 - I've definitely forced myself to finish up a few goals that I probably would've been better off without, just because I didn't want to quit. Even though I had no desire or need to be doing it anymore.

    I've been thinking A LOT the last two months about big life goals and where I really want to be and sometimes I think changing and letting go of old goals is almost as painful as trying to figure out the new ones.

  2. When I consider quitting blogging I think what else could I be doing. So far I haven't come up with anything better.

  3. I usually take a step back from the situation. Count to 10 or let it sit for 24 hours. If a can't decided after that I seek a 2nd opinion I trust.

  4. One thing that helps me is to focus on some other goals and let the positive energy from achieving those flow to the areas of my life I'm struggling with. For instance, I ran the marathon last year, and the training gave me so much forward momentum and pride that it permeated every aspect of my life.

  5. when I feel like giving up, it helps for me to take a break - and for a relatively introvert person like myself, that means being on my own for a day or two, while trying to figure out my next step. But I'm most likely to do #10, and make some changes.


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