Saturday, January 4, 2014

Prepping for Christmas 2014

You read that right. Have you thought about Christmas 2014? I know, I know. We only just had Christmas 2013 and New Year's, am I crazy?

Yes and no.

I've started thinking about it because I won't have my daughters. I have my daughters on odd years and my ex husband has them on even years. I will have something with them before Christmas then see them about 2 weeks after Christmas.

I was thinking for this year, I would try a new tactic. I don't have as many presents to buy for anymore which is nice. I have done various things to save money and not blow the budget at Christmas.

Some of the things I have done before include:
- Making gifts
- Entering competitions
- Buy one get one free items
- Regifting
- Gifts of service or time

This year I was leaning towards a 'reward points' Christmas. Meaning, I would save up all my points on my various loyalty clubs, the gift cards and birthday bonuses will be used to purchase gifts for my intended loved ones over Christmas.

I am planning on going overseas since I won't have my children, any points I can use for travel will go towards the travel. Other points will go towards gifts.

The aim is to spend as little as possible on both Christmas and the travelling. I already have points I didn't cash in last year to be used this year. I know my budget on gifts and even though it is not my actual cash I will be spending, I still plan on sticking to a budget.

So tell, have you thought about Christmas next year? Where you will be spending it, how much you will budget for it and where the money will come from?
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  1. Good Luck! Always good to plan ahead. I have started to think about Christmas 2014. I defiantly want to shop earlier.

  2. Way to plan ahead. A part of me saw your post title and groaned - good gracious, didn't we just finish up all the holiday madness??? But planning ahead definitely keeps the holidays more affordable. I always try to pick up wrapping paper and a couple of Christmas themed things that'll keep - like candles or little gift sets, etc - for gifts for next year. Everything is so cheap right now!

    I've done a few Christmas away from home - usually in Puerto Rico or other Caribbean islands for work. It was definitely weird. I was also in England until right before Christmas once and the way they celebrate is so much more festive-ly quaint. I don't know if that's the right description, but it was just so similar but different to America, it was fascinating to me!

    Good luck racking up the rewards points this year!

  3. That's an awesome plan! I try to buy gifts throughout the year, but I always end up with a couple people to buy for those last couple of weeks. I'll try to do better this year. :) Where are you planning on travelling???

  4. BrokeGirl, part of me groaned writing it ;)
    You should come to Australia one year for Christmas, definitely different. It sounds like you've experienced a lot.

    Femme, thanks. I often buy throughout the year too. Undecided on where, depends on a few things and other people. Possibly UK/Ireland or maybe Asia.


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