Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivation tactics

I have a variety of visual reminders around my home to help me with my goals. The biggest and most heard about one is my vision board, but I do lots of other little things too.

Writing on my mirror

I change the quote regularly and sometimes have a few quotes on there. Whatever inspires me or I feel prompted to write goes up there. I change it as often as I feel the need, which at times has been weekly, other times monthly.

I know these little quotes have helped others too. I have seen them read it and their faces or they've made comment on it later. This one is in my ensuite. On my daughters mirror I wrote "I LOVE YOU! love Mum, xoxo"

I have a timeline on my shower

It was a really hard angle. I have each month written and next to it what I aim to do or am doing that month to reach my goals.

This sign hangs in my office as a reminder to keep going

We have graphs for our goals, such as this one for the home where we colour in sections as we save money. My daughters love this visual.

Under the "Our Home" chart is our money jar. A constant reminder to put all spare change in there, not spend unless we need to and it has helped my kids learn more about money.

Finding what motivates you and putting visual reminders around your home can really help you to achieve your goals.

What motivates you?
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