Monday, December 16, 2013

Make money doing medical experiments

Have you ever thought about getting paid to do medical experiments?

It might sound risky and depending on the medical experiment or clinical trial you choose to participate in the risks will vary. There are trials for everything from testing sleep patterns, to quite smoking programs right through to cancer treatments. 

The pay can be good, the higher the risk the higher the reward and you are covered by insurance should anything go wrong. By the time any medications get to the clinical testing on humans stage they have undergone numerous test to assess for side effects already. This doesn't make them completely safe but it does reduce the risks. 

Some trials look for healthy participants others require certain medical issues or addictions. Medical issues may be as simple as constant hay fever through spring right through to more serious afflictions such as cancer or smoking addictions.

Sometimes you will need to get confirmation from your doctor that you are fit (or ill) for the medical trial.

It is not a regular way to make money but you can make decent money here and there, which can help if you are struggling.

You can check for clinical trials if you are in Australia here.

Have you ever participated in medical experiments for cash?

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