Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What are essential life skills?

Every week I volunteer at a homeless drop in centre. The building is huge, but only 3 rooms are used by the drop in centre. A fellow volunteer and I are aiming to get the rest of the building up to proper health code standards again so it can be a life skills centre.

It will need tens of thousands of dollars. Right now I have been nominated for an award that would see $20,000 donated to the charity who run the housing village the drop in centre is located in. This $20,000 would be a huge help. You can help by voting here (Kylie Ofiu) and/or liking this photo on Facebook. Thank you!

Now, for life skills we were thinking:
Vocational skills in hospitality such as cooking, barista, dish washing, cleaning and waiting tables.
Budgeting skills
Cooking at home
Car maintenance
Simple repairs
Computer skills

There will also be a safe room for women, counselling, anger management, internet and phone services to assist in job hunting, answering emails and staying in contact with family.

What do you think are some basic life skills?

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