Thursday, November 14, 2013

Save money on dental work

I have been getting a lot of dental work done lately. I left it too long, always thinking "I'll do it later", which resulted in more, expensive work needing to be done. On the upside I found an amazing dentist and have almost finished most of the work.

Dental work can get very expensive, but even more if left. It can be hard finding the money, but even harder when it is thousands instead of hundreds. So what can you do?

1.) Take care of your teeth. I know, it's basic, but are you taking proper care of your teeth? Brush twice a day, plus after any meals if you can. Brush thoroughly, floss and get regular dental check ups.
2.) Regular dental check ups so if you start to get a filling or have any issues, it is picked up quickly.
3.) Know what you need. For most people, you don't need to remove your wisdom teeth. So if they are not causing problems, leave them alone.
4.) Health insurance. I took out private health insurance last year for my daughters and I. It is brilliant, not only do I not have wait times for most things and I have peace of mind knowing if we needed treatment for anything, we'd be fine, but I have pretty much no gap on most things and the extensive work I have been getting done has pretty much been covered. The amount I pay a year I definitely utilise all the benefits and it is so worth it.
5.) Go sooner, rather than later. About 8 years ago I had issues with one of my teeth. I knew I needed a filling, but kept putting it off. Then it broke and I ended up with full root canal. After time, your tooth discolours and you need to get a crown or veneer. This happened to a front tooth. The root canal alone was over $800. Then recently it chipped, so I needed it cleaned out and refilled which was another $200 and I still need the crown which will be another $1786. (This is before my health insurance). had I gotten the tooth filled when I first noticed it would have been $150 for a filling. Instead it will cost me close to $3,000 in total.
6.) Shop around and find a good dentist. Prices vary, as does bedside manner, skills and patience. My dentist is great, has talked me out of full veneers, given cheaper options for things I want done, explained everything thoroughly and lets me know upfront what things will cost.

Do your kids a favour, get regular dental check ups for them. Teach them to take care of their teeth and if they have any dental issues, get it sorted while they are still on your policy if you have one.

How do you save on dental costs?

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