Friday, November 29, 2013

Making 2014 a year I Kick Butt!!

The end of 2012 and much of 2013 has been a write off for me. Stuff that happened in my personal life wiped me out and while I did keep going it was extremely difficult. Finally, at the end of June this year I was able to move to Canberra and start over. Not everything from those difficult times is over, in fact I have a long road ahead of me for it, but I am in a better place physically and emotionally now to get stuck back into my life and achieving my goals.

I have shared various goals and challenges on here before. I have changed so much since starting this blog and especially in the last 12 months, I thought it was time for an update.
(Edited on 9th July 2014 to reflect completed goals and some changes)

Goals For 2014
1.) 104 public speaking gigs. This equates to 2 speaking events a week, which I think is very doable. I already have a few booked in for next year and am looking at all my options. This includes speaking for other companies, not just for myself. Cancelled due to personal life changes.
2.) Publish 2 more books. I finished the manuscript on the first and expect it to be out mid to late next year. The second I am starting next month and expect it to be out at the end of the year. One book was paused as some personal life issues were sorted. The other is being published later this year.
3.) Buy a house. This is a big one for me. I am a single mum and the idea of having a mortgage all to myself is daunting. My lease finishes in December 2014. I am undecided if the house I buy will be for my daughters and I or if it will be a rental property. I want stability for my daughters and I, I want a house for us, but I also want to develop my income streams more and the tax system in Australia is geared more towards investors than home owners. I don't plan on doing this until the second half of 2014. Undecided about this now.
4.) Double my share portfolio. I don't have a huge share portfolio but I like the ones I have and want to diversify more. I am reinvesting the dividends I earn and will be investing more. I have been getting a better return on my shares than on having cash sit in my high interest saving account.
5.) Financial Blogger Conference 2014. This is my favourite conference and I couldn't attend in 2013, but I have set it as a goal for 2014. Unless I end up speaking at other conferences, it is likely to be my only overseas trip in 2014. I am attending.
6.) The Colour Run is coming to Canberra in February. It is a 5km run that I have been keen to do for a long time. This will be my first ever 'real' run.
7.) Set up the Life Skills Centre at Ainslie Village. I have big ideas on how to do this, great people involved with it and it will happen. At the moment it is simply a matter of funding and getting the building up to code. I had to stop volunteering at the Village so unfortunately was unable to follow this through.
8.) Outsource. I do a lot of things myself and while I do outsource things here and there, I have some things in mind I plan on outsourcing on a regular basis. I want to streamline what I do so I can focus on the things I like doing and leave the rest to someone else. I now have a few staff writers and outsource a lot more.
9.) CEO Sleepout. My aim is to raise $2,000 for the CEO Sleepout on June 19, 2014. The middle of winter in Canberra will see me freezing my butt off, but for a good cause. I raised over $2,000.
10.) Organise my life. I have so many pins on how to get organised and different areas of my life I want to organise, I just don't do it properly. I have great intentions which all fall by the wayside. I have had the luxury of wasting a lot of time in my life because I never really needed to be completely organised. Yes, my life would have run better if I was, but it wasn't a necessity. In order to achieve my goals, be able to outsource more and live the life I want I need to get organised. Much more organised.

Family Goals
1.) Be a better mother. This sounds stupid, written like that. This year I have not been the best mother I could have. I didn't read all the school notes. I didn't always do the home reader. I was stressed and didn't spend as much quality time with my kids as I would have liked. 2014 I will be attending all the school assemblies I can. They happen once a fortnight and go for less than 1hr. I will be more involved in the fundraising activities the school does, help out in the classroom, things like that. WIth both my daughters at school it will be easier as I won't be trying to squeeze everything I need to do into 2 days like I have been this year. I will have 5 days with them both at school giving me 30hours a week.
Along with being more involved in school, I will be taking better care of myself, my health, sleeping better and being more organised. By being the best I can be and taking care of myself I become a better mother.
I spend a lot more quality time with the kids, we have explored Canberra a fair bit, gone on a weekend away and made some family traditions. 
2.) Annual family holiday. March 2013 we went to Tasmania and saw all my family. In 2014 my kids are going to Fiji with their dad. I have no intention of competing with an overseas holiday. I do intend to pick a fun holiday and go. We will have a family holiday in September, but their dad has no access so they are not going to Fiji anymore.
3.) Finish our furniture. I have the paint and was going to redo some of our furniture, particularly my kids book shelf. I wanted to paint it white, then we all splatter colours on it and put our hand prints on there. It hasn't happened yet, but will in 2014.
4.) Create stability and routine. My kids have had so much instability in their short lives. We moved around a lot, including 2 interstate moves for my now 6 year old. They have both been to 2 schools and now we have settled in Canberra we are establishing routines and I am trying to create a sense of stability. We are in this house for at least 12 more months. We have an after school sport, are working on our morning routine and we have a few other regular weekly things we do. I will be working on establishing our roots and lifestyle more.
This has gone well, still room for improvement, but getting there.
5.) Family pet. This will most likely be fish as I had them as a kid, both my kids like fish and they won't cause any damage to the property. If I am lucky we will get chickens too. We had fish, they died.

Health Goals
I got to the clothing size I wanted, in fact I got below it. I feel great in many ways, but still mentally struggle with my body. I am not as toned as I would like. I have no desire to look muscular, I still prefer a curvier, softer, feminine figure over the muscular athletic figure. I know my body is not as firm as I would like.
1.) Run 4 times a week. I have bought myself a treadmill for Christmas. It was on my list all year, yet I never did it. I tried to get outside to run, but time without my kids is used up so many other ways and while running is great for my health, the time without kids was spent working, volunteering and cleaning. Exercise came to the bottom of my list of priorities. A treadmill enables me to exercise run at any time. I used my cross trainer a lot until my kids killed it, so I know I will use the treadmill.
Got a treadmill but am not consistently running 4 times a week.
2.) Commit to training. I have changed my dining room into my gym. I have a smart TV with a fitness app, I have the treadmill, a fit ball and various things plus a friend who writes my program. I have no excuses! I will be paying myself to train. That is, for every FULL training session I complete, not the half ones, I pay myself $2. Since I plan on training daily, that is $730. I could get a Burberry trench, a pair of Christian Louboutins or another designer item I lust after. I could go to China or knock somewhere off my bucket list with that.
Not quite up there with this one, but am better than I used to be.
3.) Create and stick to a proper eating plan. I don't diet, it's unrealistic and impractical. I eat well a lot of the time but I do get lazy. I menu plan for my children, but not as rigidly for myself. This ties in with my getting organised goal as well.
I have to set reminders in my phone to eat lately, so an eating plan has not worked well. My mind has been elsewhere.
4.) Run a marathon. This is an eventual goal and not one I expect to achieve in 2014. Since it is a goal of mine I put it here as a lot of 2014 will be training for that.
I need to train better for this.

These are my main goals and the areas of my life I will be focusing on. With all of them I will be seeking balance and happiness in my life and the lives of my daughters. What are your goals?


  1. Hi Kylie, I always find something to relate to in your blog posts, though I think this is my first comment. Organisation/be a better mother are high on my list too (and it doesn't sound silly at all). I have three kids, the oldest starting school next year, so will be brainstorming ideas to carve some me-time into each week and get started on my own goals. Your list has inspired me to complete something similar. Best wishes x

    1. Thanks Tess. Good luck with your goals. I think the me time is so important. Best wishes to you too xx

  2. Well there is always something so inspiring about starting fresh with a new year. You certainly have got yourself a wonderful list of things for 2014. With the kids morning routines I created an a4 page with the list of their morning routine instead of telling them or finding out what they are up to. Like make your bed, get dressed, do your teeth, pack school bag etc. laminate it and put it up somewhere. They feel a great sense of achievement and doing their jobs by themselves now they are "big girls". Organisation and menu planning is key and I used to eat dinner at 7pm at night once the kids were in bed (when I was married) but now I eat dinner at 5.30pm with the kids. You get used to it and all the dinner plates and kitchen is tied up by the time they go to bed. Family meal times are important and eating with them at the dining table and talking about our day is very special. I remember my friend grandparents used to eat dinner at 5pm and I couldn't think of anything worse but trust me I love eating early with the kids and them later on if I'm hungry I have some raspberries or an apple. Then also the evening is left for yourself to give yourself a manicure, read a book or work on the computer. Give it a go it will give you more free time as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Oh thanks for that Kathy, I will give the kids routine a go like that. Organisation is so important! Good luck with everything x

  3. Ps the colour run looks amazing and so much fun have to out the iPhone in a plastic zip lock bag so it doesn't get ruined but you can take lots of photos too. Kathy


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