Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keeping an Aspiration Journal

This year I started doing something a little differently to my usual vision boards and writing on my mirror. I started an aspiration journal. It was somewhere to keep my goals and dreams, write affirmations, my plan of action and record progress.

I put my personal mission statement at the front, followed by my personal values. I did this because I wanted everything in my aspiration journal to align with the life I was creating for myself that was true to me and my daughters.

I wrote my strengths on one page, areas to improve on another. I wrote what was on my vision board on another page.

I then wrote out my goals, starting them with affirmations I could read regularly. It worked well and I took it with me everywhere. When I was waiting in dr’s offices, in line or at school pick up, I would pull it out, read my goals and affirmations, write in there and focus on where my life was heading, how I was going and appreciate the changes I was making in my life to improve our future.

After I moved to Canberra I got lazy with it. I was now living where I wanted, work was going well and I felt pretty happy and content. I still feel happy and content, but I know my life journey is continuing and I won’t be content to just stay how I am.

On my recent trip to the USA I came across this notebook and fell in love with it immediately. It is my new aspirations journal. Because, I am Wonder Woman.

I know my goals and aspirations. I know where I want my life to be. I know I am happy with my life. I know the sort of person I am working on becoming and the life I want to have. I am blessed to have the choice and be in a position to work towards it all.

Since this is a new journal, I have decided to revisit my mission statement, my values and my vision board. I am starting over, with everything. Aligning all my desires, goals and dreams with my core values. During this process, it has been easier to decide which course of action I want to take in various areas of my life, which things I will eliminate from my life and how to build my dream life.

Do you know your values? Do you have a personal mission statement? Do you use vision boards, aspiration journals and things like that?

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