Monday, October 21, 2013

Unexpected Savings

I am in the process of switching everything from my married name back to my maiden name. Fortunately some things were really easy such as my passport. I never changed it to my married name so when it was due to be renewed this year I simply renewed and it was fine.

As I have been going about it I saved a few bucks unintentionally. I popped into the library with my daughter last week. I lost my Canberra library card when we moved back to Sydney and have not actually been to the library since moving home to Canberra in June.

In there I asked about getting a new card. It was going to cost a few bucks, which didn't bother me. I said I didn't know if my card was under my married name or maiden name, as I lived in Canberra as a teen as well. I happened to have my passport on me so she checked my maiden name first, but it wasn't so she checked under my licence for my married name.

If I wanted to  keep the card under my married name there would be a fee. I did not want to keep it under Kylie Ofiu, I wanted to change it to my maiden name, so it was free! Because it is a name change, not just a lost card then.

There's been a few instances of this as I have switched my name over and while it's not big bucks I am saving, it's a few dollars here and there. Since my kids and I have a big goal of saving to go to America, those small amounts add up.

Have you had any unexpected savings lately?

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