Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Making money, fundraising and reducing expenses

This week I managed to do a few things to make more money, raise funds for the homeless and reduce my expenses. Since moving to Canberra I have been a little lazy with my finances. I had a budget but hadn't really been sticking to it. I have the knowledge but wasn't applying it.

I have posted before about ways you can make money but this week I did something I haven't done before - I flipped a car. I've always been interested in property and flipping houses, but cars is not something I really thought of doing.

I posted about it on my other site. Essentially, I got the car for a great price, I knew it was valued higher. I used it a bit then sold it this week for more than what I paid, which was the plan. I bought it specifically to sell it at a higher price. This would normally be quite a risk, but it was a calculated risk.

I sold a few other items. I had a couple of boxes of stuff I just didn't want to deal with and they have sat in my office since I moved. I finally got around to sorting them out and sold a couple of things, but most of it will be listed when I get back from San Francisco next week.

Also this week I have been focusing on fundraising for the Centenary Sleepout being held here in Canberra on October 25th. My goal is $1,000 and currently I am sitting on $325. I've had some generous donations plus been doing hair cuts for friends and family with all proceeds going to the fundraising. I get back on October 10th so not a lot of time to raise the money but I am determined.

I am passionate about helping the homeless because of my own personal experiences in recent years, especially earlier this year. I have a few ideas, but would love to hear any of yours?

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