Monday, September 23, 2013

How to save money on teeth

I will be spending a significant amount of money on my teeth in January. I need my wisdom teeth out and I want veneers. This is not going to be cheap. I have not got an exact quote but will be soon as I need a check up as well. Previously I was quoted $2,500 - $3,500 for my wisdom teeth alone.

Here's how I will be reducing my expenses:

Private health insurance
I knew a while ago I would need significant work done on my teeth so took out private health accordingly. I've waited the time and while it might seem like a waste because the insurance costs me more than I will get back on my teeth, the insurance covers other things like physio I needed this year, hospital, ambulance and so on. I would have private health whether I needed my teeth done or not.

Compare and ask for recommendations
From my own research so far, Sydney is looking cheaper than Canberra for the work I need done. I am getting a check up done here soon, so will know for sure if I am better off doing it one time when I am in Sydney compared to here in Canberra. Dentists don't all charge the same price and the difference in price can be staggering.

Take care of your teeth
I know, obvious right? But most of us have problems with our teeth because we are not taking care of them. We have a lot of sugar and junk food in our diet which erodes them, we don't get regular check ups, we wait and wait and wait until we can't bear it anymore or the tooth actually breaks before getting it seen to. Having a filling done is a whole lot cheaper than root canal! Take care of your teeth and get things checked early. It will save you money.

How do you save money on your teeth?

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