Monday, August 5, 2013

Is it worth it selling at markets?

On the weekend Jac Lambert and I sold a bunch of our clothes at Fash'N'Treasure here in Canberra. We got most of our stuff together, booked the stall, priced and labelled everything then spent the day hanging around selling our clothes, shoes and accessories.

My super cool sister and me the dork

It was interesting. We learned a few things and will do it again. Honestly we didn't sell as much as hoped but when we added it up we had sold more than we expected.

We had a box of free stuff which had good results. The most hilarious was a little girl, maybe 4 or 5 who obviously knows how to read the word FREE and her eyes just about popped out of her head. She was so excited and found a little bag she really liked. She was a funny kid full of expression and very talkative.

We scoped the place out and decided on the stall locations we would prefer for next time. I am glad I picked where we were and it was easy to see the stall spots that don't get much action. 

To be honest I spent at the markets as well. I have been looking for particular jewellery which I found at the markets for half the price of elsewhere and the lady was so lovely. She sells as Hall Markets here in Canberra and even gave me a few free pairs of earrings. My sister bought some stuff from her too.

So was it worth it?

Yes and no. Yes, we sold stuff, but we were there for hours, there was a lot of preparation (clearing out the wardrobes, minor repairs etc). It was the slowest market day they have had ever, so that didn't help. We will probably do it one more time but it's not something I would do regularly.

Do you sell at markets?

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