Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving house again

I am currently negotiating to be able to move interstate with my daughters. Naturally, it is very difficult for my ex husband to be ok with us going. I want to move about 3 hours away from where we live now. I feel the schools are better, life is slower, the crime rate lower and since we have lived there before we already have a support network.

He has almost agreed and we have mediation this week about it which I am desperately hoping goes well so I can move.

I have decided that since it is my aim to move, I need to get ready for it anyway. I have been going through my house and pulling out everything I do not want to move interstate and have been listing it on eBay. I was surprised how quickly I listed the free 30 items this month already.

I've had a few issues trying to list items, but got a lot up there and had watches on some within minutes of listing so at least some items should sell.

I am also looking at homes where I am moving to. I am leaning towards renting with a friend as the rent is significantly higher than what I currently pay and the homes are older. I live in a pretty new townhouse and love it, but would prefer to live in an area I love in an old house instead of an area I hate with a newer home.

I have looked into the schools and have selected one my ex and I agree would be a great fit for our daughters as it has programs she is already in plus lots of extras her current school does not offer. It is in a really nice area and is not too big. Our daughters are very social so I am not worried about them making new friends at school.

The one decision I have been toying with is whether to buy there or invest. I would love my own house again and could afford it with a bit of juggling OR I could buy an investment property elsewhere and build my property portfolio over the next 12 - 24 months then buy my own home. I am leaning more towards option number 2 as it fits more with my long term plan and the tax system in Australia is more geared towards investors, not home owners.

Either way, by the end of this week I should know for sure if and when I am moving.

What would you do, buy your own home or an investment property?

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  1. A duplex or triplex is a combination of both. Something to consider if you want to hedge your choice.


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