Sunday, February 10, 2013

Working at electoral booths

Have you ever considered working the poll booths? With Prime Minister Gillard announcing the election and the campaigns which are now up and running (seriously, they had our local member at the school already handing out green bags with pencil cases and they have signs up around the school for him. Drives me nuts), it is something to think about.

It is casual work only and a long day, with you starting at 7am usually. There are various positions that need filling. You fill in an expression of interest, then a few weeks before the election they let you know if they need you. You can see all of that here.

There are certain positions for which you have to be over 18, but there are some roles where under 18's can apply and do them. The same laws apply for breaks and things as they do with any job, so while you may need to stand next to the ballot box most of the day, you will still get at least half hour breaks every 5 hours and so on.

It is a rather monotonous day, but the pay is ok, it's on a weekend so is something you can do here and there when elections come up without being a continuos monotonous job.

My brother has done it a few times and said it wasn't too bad.

Have you ever worked the polls or considered working for the elections?

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